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More than a professor


During our years of study in university, we often encounter teachers who evolve from mere educators into mentors and guides who significantly shape our perspective, thoughts and view on life in general. As a foreign student at Wuhan University, I can attest that many professors here have become my window onto Chinese culture and society, guiding me not only in language learning but also in becoming a part of what had once been a mysterious place to me. Now this placeis my second home, thanks to each and every single one of those professors who have left an unfading mark on me.

Allow me to introduce you to one such hidden gem: Professor Liu Shu.

A journey of passion and dedication

Professor Liu Shu, an esteemed teacher and alumna of Wuhan University, has a story that resonates with passion and dedication. Her journey began in 1999 when she joined the university as a student majoring in Japanese language. She went on to pursue her master's degree, followed by a PhD, at the same school, eventually culminating in her role as a teacher of Chinese language to international students since 2006.

From the very first class, Professor Liu’s dynamic teaching style captivated me. Her classes are more than just lessons - they are vibrant experiences. She creates an active and engaging classroom environment, providing students with practical and valuable knowledge of Chinese. Through her classes, we enhance our understanding of the language as well as immerse ourselves in the culture, learning to navigate and appreciate a once unfamiliar society.

The philosophy of teaching

Professor Liu's love for teaching is evident in every interaction. She has always aspired to be a professor, and her greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that her students grasp the concepts she teaches. If a particular technique does not resonate, she is quick to adapt, always seeking the best methods to ensure effective learning.

Her teaching philosophy has evolved remarkably over the years. In the beginning, she focused on the basics: how to be a good teacher, what topics to cover, and what methods to use. However, she soon realized that a more student-centered approach was necessary. She began preparing for her classes by putting herself in her students' shoes, asking herself what they would want to learn and how they would like to be taught. This shift in perspective has allowed her to better meet her students' needs and goals.

A class like no other

One of the most remarkable aspects of Professor Liu’s classes is her ability to make learning Chinese an exciting and immersive experience. Through her active and engaging teaching style, she ensures that students acquire a deep understanding of Chinese culture along withe their acquisition of linguistic skills. She often incorporates real-life scenarios and cultural insights, making her classes a gateway to truly experiencing China.

As an ordinary person striving to learn and love thisculture, Professor Liu’s classes have been transformative for me. She makes learning an enjoyable journey, filled with moments of discovery and understanding. Her dedication to students is palpable, and it is inspiring to see how much effort she puts into ensuring our success.

Words of wisdom for students

Professor Liu often reflects on the accomplishments of Wuhan University's notable alumni, such as Lei Jun and Chen Dongsheng, who have created significant social value with the skills they gained here. She draws inspiration from the Chinese proverb “己欲立而立人,己欲达而达人,” which means, “If I succeed, I should help others to succeed as well.” This ethos is something she instills in her students, encouraging them to contribute to their alma mater and society at large.

As a dedicated teacher, Professor Liu aims to nurture students to excel academically and develop a deep love for Wuhan University. She believes that raising students who cherish and contribute to the university is the best legacy she can leave.

For me and many others, Prof. Liu is not just a professor; she is a beacon of knowledge and a cherished part of our academic journey.