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International Conferences
International Conferences in 2011
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No. Conference Name Date
1 International Conference on Engineering and Business Management 3.22-24
2 IEEE Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference 3.25-28
3 International Symposium on Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons 3.25-29
4 International Symposium on High-Speed Railway Construction and Urban Planning 5.5-8
5 The 5th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering 5.10-12
6 International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Public Health 5.13-15
7 International Symposium on Geoid 5.15-21
8 International Symposium on Linguistic Frontier Issues 5.25-29
9 International Symposium on Biological Therapy and Regenerative Medicine 6.17-19
10 International Symposium on Risk Control and Quality Safety 6.20-22
11 International Symposium on the Cultivation of High-Level Talents in English Language 6.24-26
12 International Symposium on Ecosystem Services in Rice-based Production Systems 6.25-27
13 The International Symposium on the 100th Anniversary of Professor Tang Changru and The 12th Annual Conference of the Association of the History of Tang Dynasty 7.4-6
14 Sino-Russian Seminar on the Comparison of Industrial Structure and Economic Policy between China and Russia 9.19-20
15 The Fifth International Conference on Management and Service Science 8.12-14
16 The 2nd International Conference on Internet Technology and Applications 8.16-18
17 Power Engineering and Automation Conference 9.8-9
18 International Conference on Web-Age Information Management 9.14-16
19 Sino-Germany International Forum on Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology 9.22-26
20 Literature and Research on Imperial Examination: International Symposium on Imperial Examination System and Study of Imperial Examination 9.23-25
21 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing 9.23-25
22 Sino-French Symposium: New Challenges in the Modeling of Geomaterials 10.10-15
23 International Conference on the Forefront and New Technology in Bone Biology and Regenerative Medicine 10.10-17
24 International Symposium on Bamboo Slips of Chu and Pre-Qin Dynasty History and Culture 10.13-18
25 International Symposium on Public Human Resources Management 10.14-16
26 International Symposium on Photonics and Energy 10.18-21
27 International Symposium on Nucleic Acid 10.18-21
28 International Symposium on Virology 10.19-21
29 International Symposium on Basis of Ethics 10.21-23
30 International Symposium on Chinese Study of Bamboo Slips and Silk 10.22-25
31 International Symposium on Library and Information Science and Education Development 10.23-26
32 International Symposium on the Difference between Chinese and French System 10.28-30
33 International Conference on Intercultural Communication 11.9-12
34 International Symposium on the New Development of Theories and Practice of International Environmental Law 11.11-13
35 International Symposium on Graphic Communication 12.16-18


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