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International Conferences
International Conferences in 2010
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No. Conference Name Date
1 Advances in Partial Differential Equation and Its Application 1.08-10
2 International Symposium on Water Saving Irrigation and Water Resources 3.13-16
3 International Conference on the Development of International Economic Law and Domestic Economic Law in the Context of Globalization 3.14-16
4 International Conference on Engineering and Business Management 3.25
5 International Symposium on Criminal Settlement Mechanism of Athletic Conflict 4.15-21
6 International Conference on Inverse Problems 4.26-29
7 International Symposium on the Comparison of Urbanization and Population Migration in the Process of Economic Development between China and ROK 5.15-19
8 The 8th International Bioinformatics Workshop (IBW2010) 6.04-06
9 Summer Symposium for the Young Scholars in CPGIS 6.15-16
10 International Conference on the Frontier in Physics 6.16-19
11 International Symposium on the Development of Chinese Philosophy : Retrospect and Prospect 6.25-27
12 International Symposium on the Control Theory and Application of Partial Differential Equation 7.15-21
13 The International Workshop on Frontiers of Algorithm 2010 8.06-09
14 International Symposium on the Historical Development of China from 10th to 13th Century and the 14th Annual Conference of Research Association of the History of Song Dynasty 8.19-21
15 International Conference on Management and Service Science 8.24
16 2010 Conference of the Work Group of Meta-data of ISO Subcommittee of Data Exchange and Management 8.26-29
17 International Symposium on the Risk Management of Social Security 9.25-28
18 China-Ireland International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies 10.10-11
19 International Symposium on Adverting and Cultural Communication 10.13-18
20 International Symposium on the Comparison between Economic Development Thoughts 10.10-14
21 International Conference on the Modernization of Chinese Language and the 9th Annual Conference of the Association of Modernization of Chinese Language 10.15-18
22 International Symposium on Scientometrics and Academic Evaluation 10.18-20
23 International Conference on Language Learning and Information Processing 10.22-25
24 International Symposium on Chinese Study of Bamboo Slips and Silk 10.22-26
25 International Conference on Cognitive Sensor Network 10.23-24
26 International Symposium on Complex Science and Management 10.23-24
27 Sino-U.S. Symposium on Library and Information Science Education in Digital Era 10.23-26
28 2010 China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Analytical Chemistry 10.31-11.02
29 International Symposium on the Development of Publishing Industry and Talents Cultivation 11.06-07
30 Sino-Chilean Conference on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation and Nonlinear Analysis 12.06-10
31 2010 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering 12.10
32 International Symposium on the 100th Anniversary of Professor Hu Qiuyuan 6.15-18


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