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International Conferences in 2009
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No. Conference Name Date
1 Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference(APPEEC 2009) 3.28-30
2 International Conference on Dynamics and Its Models 4.1-6
3 International Symposium on Geoenvironmental Engineering and Geosynthetics 4.5-6
4 International Workshop on Virology 4.20-21
5 International Symposium on Chinese Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts 6.24-7.9
6 International Conference on Complex Analysis in Several Variables and Partial Differential Equation 7.5-11
7 International Symposium on Structural Realism and Philosophy of Physics 7.17-21
8 International Symposium on Pragmatics and Its Application 7.20-23
9 International Conference on Operation and Supply Chain Management 7.28-30
10 The International Symposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics 8.14-16
11 International Symposium on ISO Metamodel Framework for Interoperability 8.17-19
12 International Symposium on the History of Medieval China for the Youth Scholars 8.28-30
13 International Symposium on British Political and Cultural Changes in Late Medieval and Early Modern Ages 9.8-13
14 International Symposium on Zhang Zhidong and China’s Early Modernization 9.18-20
15 Summit on Water Resources and Sustainable Development 9.22-24
16 The 2nd Conference of Pan-Asia Pacific Federation of IADR 9.22-24
17 International Conference on Spatial Analysis and Data Mining 10.13-14
18 International Conference on Economic Transition of China and Russia and A Comparison of Economic Development between China and Russia 10.14-16
19 International Symposium on Paul Claudel and Chinese Culture 10.15-18
20 International Symposium on Digital Divide and Information Literacy 10.15-18
21 China-Japan-Korea Symposium on Tien Tai Sect 10.20-23
22 International Symposium on Drug Development Trends and Drug R&D Strategy 10.23-28
23 International Symposium on Geoid and Application of Time-Varying Gravity Field 10.25-28
24 International Symposium on Geographic Information System for Transportation 10.29-11.1
25 The 7th Annual Conference of Commission on Environmental Law of IUCN 11.1-6
26 WHU-UH Symposium on Molecular Biology 11.1-20
27 International Symposium on Thoughts in Ming and Qing Dynasty and the 85th Anniversary of Xiao Shafu 11.2-4
28 International Conference on Chinese Democracy 11.13-16
29 International Conference on Multimedia Secure Communication and Trusted Computing 11.18-20
30 International Symposium on Wen Yiduo and the 110th Anniversary of Wen Yiduo 11.20-24
31 International Conference on Intercultural Communication 12.9-10
32 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering 12.9-11
33 The International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering 12.11-13


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