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WHU Alumni’s 150 billion investment to boost Wuhan’s growth
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At the end of August, Wuhan University Alumni Entrepreneurs held its General Assembly at Wuhan Intercontinental. The fourth alumni Luojia Forum was marked by the signing of Huangpi strategic agreement which will pool talent and investment for transformation of Huangpi district into a waterfront ecological green city. Chen Dongsheng, Lei Jun, Sun Hongbin, Ai Luming and other 13 prominent WHU alumni were employed as the first batch of "development consultants" for offering their expertise. School party secretary Han Jin, President Dou Xiankang, vice president Zhou Yezhong and several other honorable faculties also attended the event. The event was jointly sponsored by Wuhan Municipal People's Government and Wuhan University.

The site of Million Alumni back Wuhan, Wuhan University Session

Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Chen Yixin (left) and Secretary of WHU party committee Han Jin (right) delivered the opening speeches

Huangpi District has pledged to provide office space and policy support for the investors. Huangpi District Secretary Wu Zuyun assured the investors that Huangpi will fully support Wuhan University Alumni Entrepreneurs in this high-stake venture. In his speech, he mentioned,” Huangpi is the area having the most development potential in Wuhan. “He commended the entrepreneurs in joining hands for this strategic agreement “Entrepreneurs are an important part among the ranks of the alumni association, not only do they have wealth, but also ideals they play by.”

Several of the major investor-alumni gave keynote speeches reflecting on these large-scale investments, “To tell the truth, I did not expect, WHU alumni entrepreneurs to able to develop into the current scale.” Lei Jun said, adding, "My Alma Mater not only gave us unforgettable youth memories, more importantly, it has taught us to be inclusive and self-reliant ”. Chen Dongsheng pointed out that these investor-alumni might be rivals in their professional fields but WHU alumni entrepreneurs has brought them onto a common harmonious platform where they can cherish each other’s achievements.

Signing cooperation agreement

Five major projects with a total investment of 26 billion yuan was successfully signed at the event, namely, Luojia Panlong venture capital fund, Luojia financial port, Zhuo Er navigation town, Huanghua waterlogging town, Wuhan University Panlong Hospital and International Medical Center. Subsequently, Wuhan City Mayor Wan Yong and Dou Xiankang signed a strategic cooperation agreement between Wuhan University alumni entrepreneurs and Wuhan City while cooperation units signed a total of 46 projects, with a cumulative investment amounting to 157.67 billion yuan. Taikang Group alone signed a contract for 37.5 billion followed by Xiaomi with investments worth nearly 20 billion RMB. This landmark agreement will most certainly upgrade Huangpi’s high-end development, step-up Wuhan’s overall growth and strengthen ties among WHU alumni.

Alumni Chen Dongsheng (left) and Ai Luming (right) in press interview

Photo by: WHU news, WHU student union media center

Edited by Li yunzhen and Hu Sijia



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