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Wang Xiaojin: to invent is to enlighten
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The magic of invention is that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

—— Wang Xiaojin

Professor Wang (left) and his student

Wang Xiaojin, professor from School of Power and Mechanical Engineering, also assumes the position as a senior technician at Innovation and Practice Centre. He is the owner of hundreds of patents and invention, 4,000 of which are joint works with his students. These achievements have brought him numerous awards like the 15th National Invention Exhibition Gold Award and the 8th International Invention Exhibition Silver Award. However, what he takes most pride in is not these tangible inventions and honors, but his unique understanding of inventing.

Professor Wang is quite an orator when it comes to invention and innovation, "In this era, 'innovation' is a hot topic, yet 'invention.'seems to be a rather mysterious one". He has been teaching courses like Innovation and Creation and Innovation and Application at Wuhan University for many years. When doing teaching planning design, Wang takes a quite different approach from some other teachers who prefer simplified handouts with a few slides. Instead, Wang will prepare more than 5 hundred slides because it is his belief that "a good teacher in class must be the one whose handouts are sophisticated and extensive enough to address various questions to students from different backgrounds". Meanwhile, a competent teacher is expected to be skillful at instructing students on problem-solving. In Wang's general education course, students are encouraged to delve deeper into textbook knowledge and go beyond the handouts to reconsider societal demand and other problems. The general education courses offer a platform for students and teachers to exchange their ideas freely. For Wang, the creative thinking on a certain problem is an indispensable step before a progress. His innovative ideas have deeply impressed and influenced his students, who therefore put forward a slogan, "Following Professor Wang, we are ready to explore around!"

Wang thinks it necessary to associate innovation and invention with the daily life. In his book Source of Invention, a book based on his own inventing experience and innovative teaching practice, Wang advocates students to be an observant person who is able to transfer the everyday encounters into the inspiration of the future inventions. His insightful language, creative mind illustrate the methods of invention and creation in a vivid manner, which is warmly welcomed by college students. Clinging to the principle of "concept in mind, method at hand; practice plus spirit", Wang has always be a scout for talent, helping them to fully realize their potential as a capable and qualified individual.

"We live in a fantastic era. Our clothes, food, shelter, and utensils are all other people's inventions. It is the greatest pleasure of our live if our invention could bring happiness to others." This pursuit has been the inner driving force to inspire Wang to keep working even on weekends, which gives vivid expression to his diligence and responsibility.

Wang's Innovation and Practice course has been offered in Wuhan University for more than a decade and he himself also thinks highly of "Creation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education". Although he is about to retire this year, Wang claims that he will never stop his steps in the path of invention education. He has collaborated with his colleagues under the governmental supports in innovative education by starting with preschool education, offering creative classes in primary schools and middle schools, delivering lectures in universities, and building the largest one-stop education platform in China, all in an effort to cultivate more future talents.

Photo from news.whu.edu.cn

Edited by Li Yunzhen, Zheng Yayun, Shi Weiya, Shen Yuxi & Hu Sijia


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