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Wu Hongmiao--Interest, the best teacher
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Wu Hongmiao, professor of School of Foreign Languages and Literature, doctoral supervisor, director of Department of French Language and deputy director of Language and Language Information Center in WHU, also takes the position of Vice President of French Language and Literature Society of China and Standing Director of French Studies Branch of Chinese Association for European Studies.

Professor Wu has been dedicated to French language teaching for nearly 30 years. In 2006, he was honored with the Order of Academic Palms by the French Republic for his contributions to Sino-French cultural exchanges. Later in 2014, he was listed in “50 ANS, 50 PERSONNES” for his contribution to Sino-French ties over the past 50 years.

Professor Wu Hongmiao (right) and Former Prime Minister of France Jean-Pierre Raffarin (left)

Professor Wu enjoys high comments among his students and colleagues for his good personalities as educator--integrity, humility, simplicity and motivation. Students enjoy his lessons and would like to be his friends. He is Director of Department of French Language and academic leader in studies of French linguistics. Busy as he is, he never cancels or postpones any course. Professor Wu always looks enthusiastic and passionate in the classroom.

French Linguistics is Professor Wu’s main course to postgraduates. Unlike literature, the obscure linguistics course can always daunt students. However, his intriguing and vivid teaching methods never fail to attract and benefit the student.

Students are encouraged to speak out their opinions in his class. Professor Wu never imposes fixed criteria on his students. Instead, he is a good observer and discoverer of students’ interests. He suggests students to involve in exchange learning to enrich professional knowledge and enhance academic research potentials. What matters most, he believes, is not imparting theoretical knowledge, but teaching methods of logical analysis, a propeller to students’ academic research competence and critical thinking.

A doctoral student once mentioned that at first he was very interested in a metaphysics issue and wrote an essay. Though this essay was not in Professor Wu’s research direction, Professor Wu didn’t dissuade him from continuing his research, and even offered him many professional suggestions. With Professor Wu’s help, this essay was finally finished and circulated among peers at a conference.

Professor Wu is also a good listener of students’ thoughts, aspirations and life plans, and he always encourages them to take up challenges. Whenever students consult him about their plans in study or life, he always shows great patience and gives a positive reply to dispel their worries.

Once in a postgraduate lesson, Professor Wu mentioned the book Sémantique Structural (Structural Semantics for its English version) when elaborating upon the semiotics theory introduced by French linguist Algirdas Julien Greimas. He told his students that the first thing he did upon his return to China after he finished his doctorate study in France was to translate this rare linguistics masterpiece into Chinese even without pay. His down-to-earth academic spirit and perseverance have drawn much respects among the students.

In addition, long distance never cut the close ties between Professor Wu and his students studying overseas. He cares about and communicates with them quite frequently. His reassuring guidance and encouragement make students feel as if Professor Wu was always standing by their side when they have difficulties both in study and life overseas.

(Rewritten by Liang Guoying, Edited by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia)


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