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WHUers being more devoted to exercise
Author:Li Chenruo &Wang Yupin  Date:2017-12-28  Clicks:

The pleasant weather is particularly suitable for outdoor activities in November, and cheers at the school sports meeting have not faded away with the ongoing student physical fitness test. The widely popular outdoor activity Running WHUers also attracted more than 1500 students to sign up last Saturday. Let’s take this opportunity to have a glance at the sports atmosphere of Wuhan University.

The sports meeting 

The two-day sports meeting is full of vitality with students’ passion to participate. Distinctive athletes’ parade, as well as the magnificent opening performance of the dragon team, showed the typical vigor of the young people. Athletes who had prepared well for this meeting were eager to have a good performance. Liu Chang, a triple jump athlete, said he had prepared especially for the sports meeting, “Participating in the sports meeting really pushed me to do more exercise. Thanks to the process, I have gained the feeling of well-being.” He added that daily exercise was a part of his life. “Not only me, but many of my friends have the habit of working out. I think the sports atmosphere is pretty good, as you can see the playground is always full of people at night.” Miss Wang, a PE teacher, also affirmed students’ enthusiasm for sports. “Students are willing to take part in the sports meeting, and most of them are active participants in PE classes.” Miss Wang said. 

Athlets running at the sports meeting

The physical fitness test also motivates students to work out. WHU has made much efforts in organizing the physical fitness test this year by implementing an appointment system to ensure quality and safety. Zhang, a PE teacher in WHU,  regarded the physical fitness test as an opportunity for students to realize the importance of exercise. Zhang Yuanxi, a sophomore in the School of Foreign Languages and Literature admitted that she ran a mile every night to prepare for the test. “Initially I just wanted to get higher scores in the physical fitness test, then I gradually formed the habit of running and I found that my physical strength and endurance improved through my efforts, which made me become fully aware of the charm of exercise so that I would have the courage to persist.” Zhang said. Miss Wang believes that the role of the university is important, “Most students are willing to do exercise, what they need is proper guidance.” She thinks that through sports events like the sports meeting, WHU would effectively encouraged students to engage in sports activities. PE teachers can also play a supporting role by informing students of the benefits of working out, “By organizing sports activities and launching different courses, students can gradually form the habit of exercising.”

In addition, many outdoor activities including Mountain Running and Running WHUers have gained much popularity. Liu Zixin, one of the organizers of Running WHUers, from Ziqiang Studio (a student organization in WHU) said it was an innovative and attractive way to combine physical exercise and games. Some students can feel the joy of stepping out of the dormitory. “They can get a sense of achievement when finishing the tasks and reaching the goals we set for them through teamwork. I saw many people sweating after participating in Running WHUers, yet they still wore a smile. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. And I hope more students can join us to get close to the autumn season and keep exercising while enjoying games.” Even the compulsory exercise task HAM which requires students to complete a mile-running 28 times in three months has been considered as a chance for students to stretch out their limbs after lengthy sessions of sitting and studying.

More and more students are seen running all the time around WHU. Some also choose to go to the gymnasium to work out. Cui Aiqi is one of them. She has been keeping the habit of going to the gymnasium since high school. “I think it is the most useful way for me to keep fit.” Cui said, “Many of my classmates come to the gymnasium in the afternoon or at night because they think they can get professional help there and use various facilities.” The rise of gym culture illustrates students’ passion for exercise.

Under the joint effort of the school and students, the sports spirit at Wuhan University is getting higher. Nothing can be more pleasant than running under the autumn sunshine. Just step out of the room and enjoy!

Photo by Liu Wanyi

Edited by: Xu Yixian, Wang Wei, Sun Jingyi, Edmund Wai Man Lai & Hu Sijia


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