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[Series Report on Excellent International Students] Hanane Thamik
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Hanane Thamik (何晓娜), from Morocco, had a bachelor degree in Economics and Management, a Master degree in Audit and Governance and an international MBA from Wuhan University.  She got a GPA of 3.8 in IMBA. Moreover, she was the best foreign student in the following subjects: International Marketing (99.5%), Human resource management (96%), international business and management (95%) and international accounting (94%). Currently, she is studying for her PhD degree in E-commerce (Program taught in Chinese).

QWhat are your impressions about Wuhan University?

AWuhan University is one of the best universities in China. For me, I travel far away from Morocco and finally find my home at Wuhan University. We have a really beautiful campus here, and really great faculty that I enjoy just like all the other international students here. I’ve found myself falling in love with Wuhan University’s library because it magically brings eastern and western cultures together. One of the things that stands out to me about Wuhan University in particular is that everyone here is obviously incredibly smart and also very engaged in activities. I get much respect and support from the Dean and the Vice dean of School of international education at all times. At Wuhan University, you can also enjoy inspiring celebrities’ speeches which are very important in my education background.

Main Library of Wuhan University

Q:   What did you like the most during your studies in Economics and Management School of Wuhan University?

A:  Well I have appreciated so many things during my studies at Economics and Management School of Wuhan University. One thing I really appreciated was the valuable information I learned from the school, which will help me in my future career. I also appreciated so much the international environment. It opened my eyes on so many amazing cultures and traditions I had never knew before. I have also appreciated what our school did. The school put so much emphasis on social aspects; it taught us how important it is to be successful in business career.

Graduation ceremony for Economics and management school of Wuhan University

Q:  What were your feelings after getting a CSC scholarship in the school of Information Management which is the only one in China qualified to build the Ministry of Education of China key social science research –the Center of the studies of Information Resources of Wuhan University?

A:  I felt so honored to receive a full scholarship from Wuhan University which gave me the support needed to channel all my energy into research. My school, School of Information Management at Wuhan University, had built a great reputation for its achievements in scientific research and for its great professors and scholars. I would like to give great thanks to my supervisor Dr. Wu Jiang, the head of E-commerce department, who is the one who brought me again to Wuhan University and gave me great guidance. I chose E-commerce as my graduate major not only because E-commerce major here ranks at the top worldwide but also the purpose of using what I will learn here to improve the Moroccan companies’ understanding of China.

Q:   We know that you are a very outstanding student, both academically and socially. What is your key to handle so many things at once?

A:  It took me years to develop the mindset and skills to be able to do those things. But I now realize that the point of education and life isn't to keep striving for more and more achievements or awards. It’s much more important to have a strong sense of purpose and to focus on contribution rather than achievement. That's the kind of approach I encourage students to take.

Interview with a famous magazine in Morocco (Soltana)

Q:   We know that you are a multilingual and you speak seven languages. In your opinion, how can someone speak a language like a native speaker? Are you learning any other languages?

A:  I do speak seven languages which I learn from high school. For now, I am doing an exchange languages with two of my friends Ana and Imran and my country mate Jamal who is living in Germany . They are teaching me Urdu, Russian and Germany. Moreover, I can read Turkish and Danish which I learned from books. I believe that if you can communicate fluently in many languages, it means that you are able to go to many places, speak to many people, learn many things you can’t learn in your own language and the most important thing is to understand the cross cultural communication which will help you to gain plenty of money and understand the behavior of any customer in the world.  

If you want to speak like a native speaker you need to build up your vocabulary with the most common words of the language that you are trying to learn. This will ensure that you are able to make simple sentences that will allow you to communicate simply and efficiently. Because you have learned the most common words, the majority of people should be able to understand and converse with you. Secondly, you need to make sure you don’t forget these words.

You need to spend time each day practicing writing, speaking and spelling these words. You could do this through a number of ways. You could start by making flashcards, lists or games to make sure you remember both the word and its definition. Alternatively you could also try to find someone who would be willing to help you practice these words.

After learning the most common words, it is important to make sure that you are pronouncing them properly. If you want to speak a language like a native speaker you need to make sure you listen carefully to how they pronounce certain words and sounds.

By doing all these things you should be able to speak a language like a native in no time.

Language exchange ( Urdu / French languages )

Q: Who is the person behind your success?

A:   Definitely my mother who provided all the financial and emotional support I needed to get where I am. She taught me how to dream and supported all the way to achieve my dreams. Because of her I am in Wuhan University. When I was three years old, I lost my dad, but she didn’t let my brother and me feel that we are orphans. My mother has worked tirelessly over the years to hold the family together, put us through school and given us a quality life. I decided to give her the honor to choose my PhD program as a gift.

Final debate of the competition (I’m diplomat)

Awards for the ambassadors by Changjiang Weekly Magazine

Q: How do you feel after winning so many awards in Wuhan?

A:  I felt quite pound and honored after winning the title of the ambassador of Wuhan in 2017 and was extremely delighted to reach the final of the competition “I’m Diplomat” with Chinese people. We had three steps in the competition. It was really hard. I believed that we should concentrate and read more about politics and law. These two fields are very important for business people. It was one of the pleasure moments of my life when my name got announced in front of crowd of people (diplomats, ambassadors, journalists…) and social media. I will not forget those moments.” The awards are not that important as the feeling of those specific moments”.

Photo by Hanane Thamik ; edited by Guo Li & Hu Sijia


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