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[Series Report on Excellent International Students] Eshaka Uditha Aluthwala
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Before coming to China, I finished my high school life with an excellent rank of 32nd position in my district which is the capital in Sri Lanka. After that I taught physics in an educational agency. At the same time, I was responsible for few projects in an IT company.

In 2014, I took part in a one-year Chinese language program (Diploma in Chinese language) in East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai and graduated with the highest marks. From 2015 on, I have been studying for a degree program in Software Engineering at Wuhan University.

I won Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship in the year of 2017 and the first prize in academic achievement from the Wuhan University Outstanding international student scholarship for 2016/2017 respectively. I also got the highest GPA in my batch for 2015.

Q:   Why do you think you deserve this scholarship and how do you feel about receiving it?

A:   I think I deserve this because I always try my best to finish what I start at its best. I am willing to accept any challenges and opportunities. I have well educated myself and also always help my fellow classmates with any difficulties they face.

First of all, I feel that my effort has been appreciated. This honor is not only mine but also of my university and my department (ISS). I want to thank all my teachers, my parents (both of them are teachers and have helped me from the very beginning) and the students who are always with me. This honor motivates me to work even harder and keep improving myself.

Q:  Have you faced any difficulties as an international student in China?

A:   In the very beginning when I came to China, I had no knowledge about Chinese. Since my native language has nothing common with Chinese which is not easy to learn. So, I spent lots of time and adopted many different ways to learn Chinese. I studied hard and also attended many other Chinese classes. Besides, I watched many TV programs and movies in Chinese, made a lot of Chinese friends and practiced Chinese with them a lot.

As a software engineering student, I believed only the classroom teaching or what I have mastered till now was not enough. Basically, the process software development contains many fields. So, apart from what I learned from my classes and teachers, I also educated myself with the use of internet and by working together with friends so as to keep up with all the corners of the field as much as I can.  

Q: What do you want to share with other students?

A:   Don’t be scared of new opportunities and changes. As a student, finishing your study and becoming successful are not the only thing that matters. Trying is the most important thing. We learn a lot from our failures. As long as you work hard you will always improve yourselves and move forward. Try not to make the same mistake twice.

As for the international students from many different countries, so we have the opportunities to learn about other culture and languages. We can make contacts with all over the world. And also, this is your university life, so just have fun and enjoy it.

Q:   What are your expectations for the future?

A:    First of all, I plan to have my internship in the field during last year of my undergraduate life in order to get more experience. Then I want to work in the field of software engineering for no more than two years. Then I want to continue my study for a master degree and finally all the way to a PhD.

I want to first work for a software development company and then start my own business and finally have my own company with few other developers.  

Photo by Eshaka Uditha Aluthwala; edited by Guo Li & Hu Sijia


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