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[Series Report on Excellent International Students] Hanyong Kim
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Winning the Chinese government scholarship and being selected as one of the very few foreign students at such a prestigious university are quite an honor to me. First of all, I would like to thank my professors, staffs at the school offices, and my classmates for the help and support they have been giving to me throughout my study in China. Without those people, I know that reaching this far would not have been possible.

I came to China in the summer of 2015 in order to enroll as a student at Wuhan University and study computer related field. I am currently a third year student majoring in software engineering. I have always found myself interested in computer and wanted to study in an environment where I would be able to experience new settings in terms of language and culture while pursuing study in computer field as well. And that is how I ended up coming to Wuhan University which has offered prestigious level of education.

Coming to China and studying here at Wuhan University was not the easiest journey because I came here not knowing the Chinese language nor anyone or anything with regards to this country. Especially, the language has been the most difficult thing to overcome so far, as many people here do not speak English. But through perseverance and endurance, I was able to overcome any difficulties along with my peers. In all cases, I did my job as a student well, such as going to classes, getting homework done on time, doing all the class tasks, maintaining outstanding grades, helping fellow friends, participating school activities and many other things. I just kept my motive of hardworking and believed that keeping the basics of what a student is supposed to do as a learner has given me the opportunity to receive this scholarship. And I also believed that for any student, if they followed the key rules of a learning student, opportunities of receiving such scholarships would automatically come as a package.

Studying at Wuhan University has been nothing but well redeeming and joyful time. I hope in the next year of my final studies here, I will continue to keep my humbleness to gain more knowledge and experience in different areas, and continue to work hard while participating in various activities with my classmates so that, not just myself, but rather, all of us can learn more things to become better equipped for the next chapter in the future. I believe, for all of our foreign students, that if we keep our enthusiasm, perseverance and hard-working as students, we will all be able to expertise in the fields we want to be part of. I do hope for myself that I will become a good software engineer upon graduation from this university and successfully continue pursuing my dreams.

Photo by Hanyong Kim, edited by Guo Li & Hu Sijia


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