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The Sixth Innovation Exhibition in WHU witnesses students' innovative achievements
Author:Lv Zili  Date:2019-01-02  Clicks:

On November 20th, the Sixth Innovation Exhibition of Creation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship was held in Wuhan University (WHU) in Engineering Training and Innovation Practice Center. Nearly 1000 works from 32 schools were exhibited, including four consecutive "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition awards, covering a wide range of fields.

The innovation exhibition hall

The exhibition hall has two-storey structure, where every school of WHU can have an independent exhibition area and booths for their works. All the projects displayed, including scientific and technological inventions, patents, literature, art designs and so on, were originally created by teachers and students of WHU.


Intelligent robot with voice control

The first storey mainly showed practice achievements, while the second storey displayed more entrepreneurial awards. What took up most space was a work from School of Electronic Information, which uses artificial intelligence to implant voice control in robots and has been awarded dozens of prizes. People can have it fetch the drink they want simply by telling the name of the drink to the robot.


Augmented sand box

The booth attracting most people turned out to be an electronic sand box, which was built on the principle of photogrammetry. When users randomly changed shape of the sand pile, different heights of the sand would immediately be shown through various colors from the projector.


Volunteers explaining art design works to the reporter

Another booth, instead of exhibiting mechanical works, displayed the art design works created by students from School of Urban Design, such as different kinds of dyeing works, clay sculptures, paintings and furniture designs.

The great many of innovations and cleverly designed works showed the innovative spirit and practical ability of university students. They also reflected WHU’s exploration of educational philosophy of "creation, innovation and entrepreneurship" and the school’s continuous promotion of talent training mode. The Innovation Exhibition is undoubtedly a huge success. Wuhan University's close attention to innovative education makes its future creations even more worth looking forward to.

Photo by Chen Yaqi

Edited by Hu Yue, Xu Yixian, & Hu Sijia


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