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Hongyi School: Following the Example of Harvard in Teaching Materials
Author:Qu Jiancheng  Date:2011-04-21  Clicks:
Hongyi School, as the pilot base of cultivating talents in basic disciplines, has been open for a semester. Yesterday, the journalist went to the school for an interview.

Since this semester, the course of Classical Mechanics, Optics and Quantum Statistics Physics was taught in English with English textbooks and teaching materials which are exactly the same as those used in Harvard and Yale.

Liu Guying said that teachers often introduced the edge-cutting information during their inculcation because the knowledge Chinese students have learn in high school are much difficult than the western students.

The initiators of Hongyi School are cracking their brains to cultivate the students in an all-around way. Many top scientists are versatile such as Eistein. Hongyi School, besides teaching the students science knowledge, also fosters their interest in humanities. 


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