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Pakhomov Yuriy Gave a Lecture at "Luojia Forum"
Author:Xu Xinxing  Date:2011-04-21  Clicks:
On the afternoon of April 20, the Economic Consultant of Ukrainian President, the Academician of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences and the Head of the Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations Pakhomov • Yuriy gave a lecture at Luojia Forum“ entitled as “China’s Experience and the Economic Cooperation between China and Ukraine.”

In the lecture, Pakhomov • Yuriy first analyzed the economic situation of Ukraine and the issues involved in the economic cooperation between China and Ukraine. Then, based on the history and current situation of UK, USA, and the Arabic countries, he maintained that values and beliefs, instead of other factors, constitutes the core competitiveness of countries.

Pakhomov • Yuriy also introduced Ukraine’s economy, military forces, aero-spaces exploration and talents cultivation.

At the end of the lecture, Pakhomov • Yuriy answered the questions from the present students. 


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