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WHU Students Participate in 2014 China-U.S. Youth Summit
Author:Wenhan Bao  Date:2014-09-19  Clicks:

From September 8th to September 11th, the China-U.S. Youth Summit was held in Shanghai with the theme “Youth as a Bridge: Learning, Experience and Connection”. Bao Wenhan, a doctoral student enrolled in the School of Politics and Public Administration, and Thibault Hardy-Abeloos an American student who majors in International Trade and Investment as an undergraduate student participated in this summit as representatives of WHU.

This summit consisted of opening and closing ceremonies, a main forum, four sub forums, interactive courses with young experts on international relation and excellent students among all the participants and a visit to Shanghai World Expo. Through Wenhan and Daniel’s respective speeches on the sub forums of “Community Construction and Public Participation” and “Economic Development and SciTech Life”, as well as their active participations in panel discussions, they demonstrated WHU students’ insights into global issues such as cultural exchange and advance of science and technology.

After the forum, Thibault Hardy-Abeloos said “the experience was fantastic. I met great people and developed my point of view concerning the China-US relationship. As today’s and the future’s leading powers, it is the mission of both our countries to collaborate with each other and make the earth a better place devoid of conflict of any kind”.

This summit was co-organized by China's overseas Chinese Philanthropic Foundation, China-U.S. Humanities Exchange Base, Peking University, Shanghai Overseas Chinese Enterprise Development Foundation, Shanghai Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, the 100,000 Strong Foundation of U.S. and School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University. It was aimed at cultivating young leaders and promoting interactions between young experts of two countries, thus building effective forms and a platform for China-U.S. long-term relationships at both national and individual level.

(Rewritten by Xin Liu, edited by Gerard & Sijia Hu)


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