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South African Ambassador Langa Visits Wuhan University
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The South African ambassador H.E.Dr.Bheki Langa visited Wuhan University and gave a speech titled "20th anniversary of the founding of South Africa". President Li Xiaohong and Executive Vice President Feng Youmei met with the guests.

In the meeting, Li Xiaohong expressed his hope to establish more communication with South Africa’s universities, including academic exchange among teachers and students. He warmly welcomed more South Africa students to study in Wuhan University.

Langa said this is his third visit to Wuhan, and hoped that through this visit, connections between the South African universities and Wuhan University will be closer.

In his speech, Langa talked about the founding of South Africa and its friendship with China. In the interactive session, when talking about his own experience of studying in Russia, Langa encouraged WHU students to broaden their horizon and see the outside world.  

It is reported that South Africa, located in the most southern part of the African continent, has a reputation of "Rainbow Country". It is one of Africa's largest economy entity and the most influential country. Its gross domestic product contributes to one third of the total economy in Sub-Saharan African countries, acting as a leading role in the economic development of the region. Currently, there are four students from South Africa studying at WHU.

(Rewritten by Xixi Li, edited by Gerard & Sijia Hu)


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