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A fairytale autumn on Luojia Mountain
Author:Liu Qingyun  Date:2017-12-29  Clicks:

Moon Lake decorates the golden autumn with her smiling eyes. Clouds curling or stretching, her glittering surface always mirrors the gorgeous silhouettes around her.

It is the first ray of the sunlight that knocks on the door of the brooding night. Endless forests and glorious sky usher us in the vision of a wider world and a brighter future.

I used to dream to be one of the little howling cubs on the eave, in my ancient and solemn image, singing for the lofty firmament and unleashing fervent passion and the vigor of life.

The moment I open the window, I marvel at the colorful world dotted with red, orange, and yellow. It has been so long since the last time I breathed the air of nature. Every autumn leaf, getting one sip the season, enjoys the tranquility, beauty and elegance of herself.

It is perhaps the autumn-customizing color that has dyed my window frames red.

Indulged in the peace and seclusion of the forest, we, together with the tall woods, wearing the bright light of the golden season, stare at the tiny piece of the cloud and linger in our fantasy about the sky.

With no cherry blossoms, the Sakura Castle in November still hides in red and green, rendering solemnity and majesty to the Old Library. It is the season when knowledge starts to be spread and reap.

Have you ever imagined that in the dark, quiet night when people are in their sweet dreams, the elf-like animals start their midnight carnival. Why have you never seen the starry sky of Wuhan University? Maybe it is because you have missed the invitation of cute creatures to step into Alice's wonderland.

“Crabs are tasty in the season of bright Chrysanthemum, the line is probably the worst sentence I have ever made. However, thanks to the delicious crabs served by Meiyuan Canteen and the unknown chrysanthemums scattering in the side of the playground, we will remember the most gracious golden autumn of Wuhan.

(Photo by Liu Qingyun, Rewritten by Lixin , Edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia)


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