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Inspect the construction of Smart City in Wuhan -Premier Li Keqiang affirmed WHU’s achievements of Big Data
Author:Cai Liefei  Date:2018-01-02  Clicks:

"Endowed with three towns and two rivers flowing across, Wuhan enjoys a unique and complex urban transportation. A good use of the Big Data can not only ease the traffic congestion but also make the city a smarter one so as to better serve the public." On Dec 11th, Premier Li Keqiang affirmed the construction of Smart Traffic when he inspected the construction of Smart City in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The Big Data technology of the platform is provided by Wuhan University.


During Li Keqiang's visit, the intelligent emergency system developed by Professor Zhu Xinyan and her team from the National Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, once again came into a big way. With the smart emergency system developed by the team in the earlier stage, the premier's security and smooth travel were ensured through the coordinating work and blockage removal. Such functions as in-time updates of vehicle positioning, video surveillance at a single click, real-time display of police force had all shown the practicality of Wuhan Smart Traffic.

On the morning of the 11th in Wuhan Free Trade Experimental Zone Wuhan Area Government Service Center, Secretary of municipal party committee and Mayor, Wanyong, presented to Li Keqiang the platform for Smart Traffic construction. The platform aggregates traffic and parking information of the whole city, carries out congestion forecast and real-time parking guidance and so on so forth. Li Keqiang affirmed these achievements. .

Wuhan University has provided technologies for access, cleaning, analysis, management and visualization of Big Data for Smart Traffic construction platform through its “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” national science and technology support plan project "Position Sensor Network and Holographic Location Map" and the national key R&D project, "Global Location Information Superposition Agreement and Location Service Network Technology".

It is understood that the R&D team of National Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering will further optimize the system, cooperate deeply with traffic administration bureau, make good use of Big Data and explore more new functions in traffic to assist in Smart City Construction, so as to better coordinate with traffic management department and make smart decisions.

Photo by Wuhan Traffic Administration Bureau  

Rewritten by Jing Huichao, edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia


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