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Zhenhua Building: A tribute to masters
Author:Cui Wenjing  Date:2018-11-23  Clicks:

"My name is placed on the outer wall of the building, as if I were standing here every day to pay high tribute to my respected teachers, my great Alma Mater, and remarkable humanities here,” said Mao Zhenhua, a WHU alumnus from economics department in 1979, at the inauguration ceremony of Zhenhua Building in 2017. Zhenhua Building, named after the donor Mao Zhenhua and carried the meaning of "rejuvenating China", has a total construction area of over 20,000 square meters. It is now serving as the teaching building for School of Philosophy, School of Chinese Language and Literature and School of History.

Zhenhua Building integrates itself with the terrain of Luojia Mountain and stretches in a free manner, which gives a perfect combination of the traditional Chinese architectural temperament and the design concept of modernism.

The plants and the building enhance each others beauty by demonstrating a harmonious charm between humanity and nature.

The reference room, self-study area and rest area inside Zhenhua Building have created a superior learning and working environment for scholars and students. Various lectures and conferences held here provide a platform where researchers in humanity filed, both home and abroad, have a great opportunity for exchanges.

Rewritten by Wang Anqi, edited by Lu Huixin, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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