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The first class: 50 applause from 7200 freshmen in two and a half hours
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Is university life like what I’ve imagined? How to begin my learning at Wuhan University? Entering the university, freshmen must be full of questions like these. On September 6, over 7,200 undergraduate freshmen took the first university lesson taught by President Dou Xiankang at Zhuoer Stadium. According to incomplete statistics, at least 50 warm applause was sounded during the class which lasted two and a half hours. What did the president say?

In the early autumn, Luojia Mountain, where Wuhan University is located, are breezy, with stars twinkling. On the evening of September 6th, President Dou held the first class for 2019 undergraduate freshmen at Zhuoer Stadium. Employing the theme of “Internalizing WHU’s knowledge to become the national pillar”, he interacted with more than 7,200 undergraduate freshmen face to face, and quoted his personal experience and life impression to encourage them to cultivate humanistic as well as scientific spirits.

President Dou Xiankang is delivering speech

What is a university? President Dou asked at the beginning of the class. Then he led students to review the development history of university in the world, and pointed out: 1) the essential attributes of a university are academic attributes; 2) the functions of a university are personnel training, scientific research and social services; 3) and university has increasingly moved towards the social center from the edge in the initial stage.

President Dou Xiankang is delivering speech

The words of Wang Xinggong in its Chinese version, who is a previous WHU president

“University education is not for the country, nor for the status of students, but for meeting the urgent needs to maintain and continue the survival of our nation.” President Dou quoted the words of Wang Xinggong, a previous WHU president, which stressed that Chinese universities should take national rejuvenation as their responsibility and made everyone present feel the unique mission of Chinese intellectuals.

A simple introduction of Yu Daguang, a nuclear bomb detonation expert

A simple introduction of Zha Quanxing, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the initiator for recovering the Gaokao system in the 1970s

A simple introduction of Dong Fureng, a renowned economist and the initiator for introducing market mechanisms into China’s economy system in the 1980s

A simple introduction of Li Deren, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, also a remote sensing expert

Since the birth of Wuhan University, its development has been closely linked to the fate of Chinese nation. Looking back at the history of WHU, President Dou took Yu Daguang(nuclear bomb detonation expert), Zha Quanxing(member of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Dong Fureng(economist), Li Deren(member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering ) and other extraordinary WHUers as examples, pointing out that WHUers adheres to the spirit of self-improvement, perseverance, seeking truth and initiative, and have made significant contributions to national liberation, China’s development as well as social progress.

When asked about the status quo of WHU’s development, President Dou introduced that in 2019, QS had ranked WHU in the top 300 and the total amount of research funding had reached the seventh among China’s universities. In recent years, WHUers have been heard in various important events, and the faculty has been gathering talents, which ensure that WHU’s comprehensive strength has been and will be at the forefront.

"Cultivating first-class students needs first-class teachers." He proudly told the students in the field that in the past two years, WHU’s nation-class teaching talents have doubled, the growth speed of which is leading among nationwide colleges and universities. "Of course, we still have a long way to go. We need to build better canteens and student dormitories, and let better teachers go to the class." The president’s words revealed honesty and responsibility, attracting enthusiastic applause from the students.

In order to let students get better growth in WHU, President Dou remarked, the university has reformed its general education system, promoted the training of basic subjects talents through the construction of Hongyi Honor College, and implemented a three-semester system to employ scholars from renowned universities in the world to improve students' international horizons. Besides, WHU also encourages new initiatives in innovation and entrepreneurship education.

President Dou said that WHU has formed a campus culture which respects scholars and students, and advocates academics, and has made great progress in improving scientific research strength and international influence. He also promised that the university will make great efforts to improve students' learning as well as living conditions.

Teaching talents newly introduced into WHU

The graduation ceremony for 2019 WHUers

In the end, by sharing his team’s experience in inventing the world's first quantum laser radar for atmospheric detection, President Dou urges everyone that only focus can make possible huge scientific breakthrough. He also expressed that life cannot always be smooth and wished freshmen to maintain positive whenever they face stress or difficulties.

After the two-and-a-half-hour class, the students eagerly asked questions, from the perspectives of study, life, to personal development. President Dou’s sincere and pragmatic answers pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

The freshman is asking President Dou questions at the first class

Others are listening to the questions and President’s answers carefully

Wang Kaiyue, a freshman from the School of Political Science and Public Administration, said, " I am impressed by President Dou’s academic background and experience, and what is more exciting is his desire to help us young people grow expressed through his speech and manners."

The pharmacy freshman Tumares expressed: "We should cherish the hard-won learning opportunities, value WHU’s quality resources, inherit the red genes, and add glory to this university and our country."

Liu Ziqi, a freshman from the School of Basic Medical Science, remarked, "After listening to the first lesson, I really feel WHU’s simplicity, resoluteness, and nobility of a hundred years of prosperity; I admire President Dou’s pragmatic and innovative spirits. How fortunate to be one of WHUers.”

Rewritten by Wang Anqi

Edited by Zhang Shiqi and Hu Sijia


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