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Cooperated with local community, WHU established “Dream House” for children of medical staff
Author:Chen Jiaqi  Date:2020-09-23  Clicks:

On August 28, the signing ceremony of the Dream House, an innovative project co-sponsored by WHU and Zhongnan Hospital, was successfully conducted in the School of Medicine of WHU. Qu Wenqian, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of WHU, Zeng Wentao, vice chairman of WHU Alumni Entrepreneur Council and CEO of Zhongjia Capital attended the meeting. Xu Weiqing, second-class inspector of the Hubei Province Health Committee, and Wang Yunqing, deputy secretary of Hubei Province Communist Youth League were also present.

Volunteers and children attended the signing ceremony of the Dream House

The Dream House project is an extension of online volunteer activities during the epidemic, when a total of 1,549 volunteers from WHU provided the particular many-to-oneonline tutorials for 641 children of medical staff, covering more than 100 hospitals nationally and accomplishing more than 20,000 hours of teaching time. Extending companion and console for children whose parents are fighting against COVID-19 on the front line, volunteers aimed to build up a dream house as a mental shelter for them. “In addition to sharing political and English learning skills with me, the volunteer teachers also extend sincere gratitude to my mom, which makes me feel that even if my mother was not a famous doctor, she could be remembered in this special fight.” Tang Zhe, a 18-year-old senior student in high school who receives online help during the epidemic, interpreted the Dream House as a haven.

A common scene in Dream House: A volunteer teaching a little girl

The journey of the Dream House is ongoing. From online teaching to offline courses, this innovative project expects a more constructive contribution. “As a native of Wuhan, I really cherish this opportunity to get in touch with some children and peers offline. On the other hand, I regard this project as a special approach to extend gratitude to the medical workers who have devoted themselves to us.” Zhu Changyun, a sophomore of the School of Information and Management in WHU explained the reason she participates in Dream House. She is responsible for Chinese writing and dancing, teaching four times a week.

Volunteers aimed to extend company and console in Dream House

“I think I should pass on the spirit of this unusual help.” After entering the University Entrance Exam and got unexpected high marks, Tang Zhe transited from a recipient of the Dream House to an offline volunteer. Also attending the signing ceremony, Tang Zhe made no attempt to conceal the compliment that Dream House had embedded the conception of love and volunteer in the minds of children. What impressed Zhu Changyun most in Dream House is when a little girl expressed her miss to her mom, a doctor fighting against the COVID-19 in Wuhan. To ensure her safety, this little girl had to stay in the countryside for half a year, during which she can only talk to her mom online. Zhu says, “Ive seen many of these stories in the news, but when it happens to someone around me, its much more realistic and touching

Qu Wenqian encouraged the Dream House Team in the signing ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, Qu Wenqian also encouraged the Dream House team to continue to proceed with the new era. The following days are bound to witness the improvement of this two-way education system for college students and middle school students.

Source: https://news.whu.edu.cn/info/1002/61449.htm

Edited by: Wan Qian, Zou Xiaohan & Hu Sijia

Photo by Gong Yong, Song Bo & Wei Yena


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