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We wait until every freshman comes: Wuhan University holds opening ceremony to welcome new WHUers
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On September 26, the Zall Gymnasium witnessed the opening ceremony for freshman undergraduates of WHU, marking the beginning of their new academic life. With a series of anti-epidemic measures, 7242 students were able to attend the ceremony on the scene. The masks on their face can obstruct the virus but cannot cover their vigor and vitality.

Wuhan University President Dou Xiankang delivered a rousing speech. “People cannot be independent without spirit, and a nation cannot be strong without spirit.” President Dou reviewed the previous days of combating COVID-19 and the history of Wuhan University, and pointed that patriotism, academic pursuit and philanthropism constitute the spirit of WHU. He hoped that the new cohort of students could perceive, inherit and carry forward the spirit in their future.


President Dou delivering the speech

This year, a special session was held for freshmen whose parents are doctors and nurses who came to the aid of Wuhan during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the student representatives expressed, “We regard Wuhan as a heroic city, and I’m glad to see that Wuhan has recovered from the shadow of disease and reinvigorated to be bustling again.”

Sponsored by “Luojia Kind Fund for Medical Staff” initiated by alumnus Zeng Wentao, WHU gave 10 thousand yuan to 61 freshmen whose parents had strived for Wuhan in fighting against the pandemic, to show the respect and gratitude for the service of their parents, and to encourage these students to advance and enrich their parents spirit.

Awarding students whose parents worked for Wuhan during the pandemic period

Jiang Yibo, a freshman representative from the School of Marxism, also son of a doctor aiding Wuhan earlier this year, recalled his three encounters with WHU. He mentioned how his father came to assist Wuhan in fighting against the pandemic as a medical worker, and advocated all newcomers to cherish their youth and work hard to become a talent who has a dream and possesses the ability to realize it.

Freshmen representative Jiang Yibo

When interviewed why do you choose WHU, lovely boys and girls gave their different answers. “I was attracted by the spectacular scene of cherry blossom in Wuhan University,” Huangfu Juanying, a girl from the school of Economics and Management said. “I major in remote sensing technology, and this subject of WHU ranks number one in the world. Also, I really want to see Luojia Hill with my own eyes,” Yao Qixin, a freshman responded.

Before the start of the ceremony, students sitting in the center of auditorium showed different patterns of Chinese characters with red paper cuttings. The characters carry the meaning of cherishing the youth, never failing the expectations of the era and I love Wuhan University.


Showing the pattern of “I love WHU” in Chinese

Due to the demand of anti-epidemic policy, the ceremony was postponed until every freshman is back to school safe and sound. Although 2020 has been a year filled with tribulation and regret, the new cohort of WHUers finally sit together to celebrate their new stage of life. Up ahead for these newcomers are colorful and intensive campus life, and they are certain to enjoy their new journey as they have expected.

Photo by Zhao Yang, Qu Bo, Jin Xin & Cao Haigang

Edited by Yu Jianan, Wei Yena, Luo Yuanyuan


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