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The infrastructure of WHU: Always on the move
Author:An Lan  Date:2020-10-05  Clicks:

As the new semester arrives, so does the new look of infrastructure in Wuhan University (WHU). During the vacation, great changes took place on campus. Teaching buildings, dormitories and dining halls have all taken on a brand-new appearance, symbolizing the improvement of the infrastructure of WHU campus.

The main teaching building in the Department of Engineering, under construction for nearly four years, was finally put into use on the first day of the new semester. Imposingly, it covers an area of 51,640 square meters across six layers and is divided into four areas, including differently sized classrooms and staffrooms . Well-equipped with high-tech devices, smart applications, and study lounges in user-friendly designs, it is regarded as an intelligent teaching building for students to dive into academics, thus receiving a multitude of praises from both students and faculty.


The study lounge of the main teaching building in the Department of Engineering

Classroom with high-tech devices

In addition to the improvement of the learning environment, the accommodation has likewise undergone significant changes. The dormitory buildings and dining halls put their new faces on display. Addressing problems of crowdedness and poor environment, the canteens in the School of Medicine and the School of Information Science have been elaborately refashioned. Various cuisines, an automated payment system and comfortable sofas catch the attention of diners, creating a cozy dining environment. Also, to increase the accommodation capacity, new dormitories are being built in Hu Bin and the School of Information Science. From careful investigation to practical construction, the Infrastructure Management Office promotes the project in all its facets, striving for perfection.

The newly-refashioned canteen in the School of Medicine

Further expansion and refurbishment are underway. Numerous engineers and workers continue to make full use of every minute to promote the construction project. In the foreseeable future, the building of the School of Urban Design and the canteen in Mei Yuan will also greet everyone with a fresh face.

The architectural rendering of dormitory buildings

Directors are discussing on the engineering project

As the improvement to its infrastructure progresses, WHU seeks to balance development with heritage and progress with innovation, with students and teachers at the center of developmental planning. In the spirit of perseverance, WHU will continue to strive towards its objective of creating a high-quality campus environment.

Photo by Tian Chunyu

Edited by Wan Qian, Zou Xiaohan, Sylvia and Hu Sijia


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