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Commendation awards presented to alumni contributing in the fight against COVID-19 and the 7th Alumni Luojia Forum held at WHU
Author:Zheng Zicheng & Huang Shuting  Date:2020-12-16  Clicks:

The Commendation Ceremony for Alumni Contributing in the Fight against COVID-19 and the 7th Alumni Luojia Forum was unveiled on October 28th at Wuhan University Zall Stadium. Themed “To Promote the Spirit of Fighting against the Pandemic and March towards the New Era”, this event was attended by about 3500 people honoring the contributions made by WHUers all around the world.

The WHU Commendation  Ceremony

After the opening dance and a video clip depicting the national fight against COVID-19, Wang Zhonglin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and secretary of CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, delivered a speech praising the great achievements WHUers had done in curbing the spread of the virus.

Then Dou Xiankang, the president of WHU, recalled and spoke highly of the efforts of the alumni, faculty members and students of WHU during the outbreak and pointed out his goal to further build WHU into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.


Dou Xiankang is delivering a speech

Yan Zhi, an outstanding representative of alumni of WHU, shared his stories of assisting the fight against COVID-19 in Wuhan, winning prolonged applause from the audience for his modesty and greatness.

During the Commendation Ceremony, five alumni associations were awarded the Advanced Group in Fighting against COVID-19. Chen Dongsheng, Tong Zhaohui and other 11 alumni won the Award of Outstanding Contribution in Fighting against COVID-19. The Award of Special Public Service Contribution in Fighting against COVID-19, which is specially set up by WHU to express gratitude, went to 72 individuals and 191 enterprises and organizations.

Concluded with a chorus by the WHU Graduate Choir, the ceremony came to an end, followed by the beginning of the 7th Alumni Luojia Forum.

The Forum invited five distinguished guests, Yu Minhong, Chen Dongsheng, Tong Zhaohui, Zhang Bo and Wang Xinghuan, to give speeches.

Yu Minghong, the CEO of New Oriental Education and Technology Group, gave a lecture entitled Self-improvement is the Strength of the Chinese People. His sense of humor made the audience burst out laughing frequently

Yu Minhong is delivering a speech

Chen Dongsheng, Tong Zhaohui and Zhang Bo also delivered thought-provoking and inspiring speeches respectively. At last, Wang Xinghuan, Director of Zhongnan Hospital of WHU and Leishenshan Hospital, sincerely shared his stories, which moved the audience to tears. He also showed some pictures of volunteers, patients and doctors, whose smiles warmed all the audience in Zall Stadium with the brilliance of human nature.

Wang Xinghuan is sharing his experiences in Leishenshan Hospital

“I was touched by the stories shared by each of them. I was on the verge of tears when I saw the pictures of volunteers and health workers fighting on the front line. I pay my tribute to all of the people who have made contributions during the pandemic,” Luo Licheng, a graduate student from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature said.

Apart from the wonderful presentations, Alumni Luo Aiping declared his donation of a new concert hall for WHU; Alumni Ai Luoming was going to donate for the construction of a swimming pool; Zeng Wentao donated for the construction of the heating equipment in Zall Stadium. Their generosity exactly reflected their deep love for their Alma Mater, WHU, and also led this forum to a cheerful end.

Photo by Da Ming, Li Duan, Fei Yang

(Reposted from the Wechat Public Account of the Wuhan University Alumni Association)

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