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Another spring to enjoy the cherry blossom
Author:Wu Qianqian  Date:2021-03-22  Clicks:

March in Wuhan is soaked in drizzle as the cherry blossoms come into full bloom again. Last year, hit by COVID-19, the campus of Wuhan University lay empty and silent. But now it once again attracts visitors from across the country to enjoy its cherry blossom season. They came to Wuhan University with their families and friends to admire the fantastic scenery of cherry blossoms, blooming as pure as snow. Many visitors take photos with the blossoms to record their happy feelings and unforgettable memories.

On Yinghua Road of Wuhan University, tourists gathering to enjoy the cherry blossom season with relatives and friends.

On Renwen Road, a group of volunteer teachers and students, who provide services for medical workers, taking a meal break.


On Yinghua Road, Wuhan University students on their way to class as the sun glistens through the cherry blossoms.

In front of the Wanlin Art Museum, tourists taking photos with cherry blossoms in various postures.

Near the Renwen Building, an elderly couple recording beautiful moments by the cherry blossom.

In front of the Wanlin Art Museum, a young couple having fun taking pictures.

A student taking pictures on the bridge of the Xinghu Pavilion near the Department of Information Science of Wuhan University.

Near the Renwen Building, tourists simultaneously taking pictures with cherry blossoms.

On Yinghua Road, an endless stream of tourists at night with the dimly-lit cherry blossoms presenting a different kind of beauty.

On Yinghua Road, some tourists taking photos at night.

Photos by Wu Qianqian

Rewritten by Zhu Tong

Edited by Li Yushan


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