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Heroes return to cherry in full bloom
Author:Liu Zheng & Song Bo  Date:2021-03-22  Clicks:

On March 6, as the spring rain moistened the cherry blooms, Wuhan University welcomed the first batch of 200 medical workers, all of them distinguished guests who last year assisted Hubei in fighting against COVID-19. They were invited to enjoy the cherry blossoms through a “green channel” specially designed in return for their selfless dedication.

Giant spray paintings with the theme of “Romantic cherry welcome our honored guests, we join hands to fight the epidemic” were placed in important locations across campus, filling it with a sincere, warm and caring atmosphere. Volunteers stood by early in the morning, ready to offer themselves as tour guides to the medical heroes in high spirit.

At 8:30 a.m., four medical staff from Jingzhou, the first batch of honorary guests, arrived and were warmly received. After passing through the archway of “Salute to the Medical Heroes”, they walked through the red carpet with a unique sense of ceremony, finally arriving at the signature wall where they left their words to WHU. Volunteers served the medical staff with virus fighting hero medals containing cherry blossom elements and led them to tour the campus and enjoy the flowers.

Medical visitors passing through the arch

Dr. Da, a member of the Gansu to Hubei Medical Aid Team, provided counterpart support to Wuhan Youfu Hospital last year. Today, she, together with her family, came a long way from Gansu Province to Wuhan, the place where she once fought. Flooded with emotion, she said, “My husband and I have been fighting in the front line of the war against the pandemic. He defended my hometown, and I guarded Wuhan. I am excited and happy to have the opportunity to visit WHU and enjoy the cherry blossom.”

“The volunteer teachers from WHU are so nice. My goal is to get admitted into WHU,” the child of Dr. Luo from Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital said excitedly. During the epidemic, while Dr. Luo was saving lives in the mobile cabin hospitals, her child received tailored online tutoring from WHU student volunteers. In four months, they developed a deep friendship. Dr. Luo said, “Today, I bring my child here to appreciate the blossoms. I want to express my gratitude to the volunteers, and let my child feel WHU’s profound cultural heritage, so as to encourage her to study hard.”

At about 11 a.m., Yan Ziyue, a sophomore of the School of Resource and Environmental Sciences, had just finished her tour guide service. She said, “I am a Hubei native as well as a WHUer. What touches me a lot is that during the pandemic, the medical workers rushed to Wuhan fearlessly. It is a happy and romantic feeling for me to be able to walk under the blossoms with the heroes when the cherry blooms again.”

Luo Yi, a sophomore from the School of Journalism and Communication, received members of the Guangdong to Hubei Medical Aid Team. She said with a sense of accomplishment, “Due to the outbreak, this is my first time to see the cherry blossom. I enjoy the beautiful flowers with the doctors and nurses and tell them about the history of WHU. There is no other time than now for me to feel like the host of WHU!”

Various medical workers together with their family viewing the cherry blossom

In order to express the most sincere and deepest gratitude of the WHUers, WHU has specially set up a “green channel” for medical staff to view the cherry blossom this year. Medical personnel assisting Hubei and those in Hubei can register on the official website or WeChat account of WHU. WHU has also dedicated March 13 and 14 as the special cherry blossom viewing days for medical workers combating COVID-19. A welcome ceremony will be held for the heroes and a well-arranged sight-seeing route arranged, along with personal reception services, one-to-one volunteer tour guide and special performances expressing gratitude to medical workers. WHU strove to provide meticulous arrangements and considerate services to offer its guests a satisfying journey, showing the characteristics, humanistic care and social responsibility of WHU.

The fast pass for medical staff viewing the cherry blossom

Photo by Cao Haigang, Chen Zeng

Rewritten by Li Sijie

Edited by Qin Zehao, Wei Yena, Luo Yuanyuan

Source: https://news.whu.edu.cn/info/1007/63637.htm


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