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The Cherry Blossom Festival: cherry blossom scenery - day and night
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March rings in the cherry blossom season in WHU. On Cherry Blossom Avenue, the pink and snow-white cherry blossoms resemble cloud and sunglow. The cherry blossoms beside the Main Administration Building demonstrate the beauty of spring, and the scenery varies from day to night. In the daytime, the cherry blossoms are splendid and romantic. When night falls, they turn tranquil. The picturesque scenery is unique to WHU.

In the morning

The cherry blossoms soak up the first rays of sunlight.


The Tokyo cherry blossoms beside the Star Lake Garden are as pure as snow.


In March, the early cherry blossoms are not yet in full bloom. They unfold their pedals in the spring breeze and bright sunshine.

Following heavy rain, the sun finally shows up. Bathed in sunshine, the snow-white cherry blossoms herald the arrival of spring. The pink and white cherry blossoms on the branches form a boundless sea of flowers.

At the Main Administration Building, the pink cherry blossoms stand out against the green tile, a unique sight at WHU.

At night

At night, the crowds gradually disappear. To locate the cherry blossoms, just follow the mysterious scent.


Appreciating the cherry blossoms under the dim streetlights adds a sense of romance and mystery.

Beside the Songqing Gymnasium, the cherry blossoms bloom quietly.


The Main Administration Building, surrounded by the cherry blossom, manifests the ambiance of tranquility and quaintness.


The floral language of cherry blossoms is about life, happiness, warmth, purity, nobility and spiritual beauty. The Cherry Blossom Festival not only provides an opportunity for visitors and WHUers to enjoy the splendid scenery and experience the warmth of spring in the sea of flowers, but also conveys the hope of life through the gloom of the epidemic, the cherry blossoms are still alive and well, bringing happiness and beauty to people.

Written by: Zou Pengzhi

Rewritten by: Cao Mi

Edited by: Qin Shihan


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