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Wuhan University and University of Bristol hold cloud signing ceremony
Author:  Date:2021-03-26  Clicks:

Correspondent: Hu Sijia; Zheng Zicheng

Photography: Jin Xin; Zou Pengzhi

On March 25, Wuhan University and the University of Bristol held a cloud signing ceremony to officially launch a 3+1 Bachelor-Master's Degree Program in the field of engineering. President Dou Xiankang, Vice-President Tang Qizhu, President Hugh Brady, Vice-President Erik Lithander, as well as the heads of the cooperating departments and related functional departments of the two universities attended the meeting. At the ceremony, President Dou and President Brady signed the Memorandum of Cooperation between Wuhan University (China) and the University of Bristol (UK) on the 3+1 Bachelor-Master's Degree Program.

Dou Xiankang indicated that building a human community with a shared future is inseparable from the international exchanges in the field of education. It is of far-reaching significance for the two universities to formally establish inter-school partnerships and explore new cooperation projects under the background of the global fight against Covid-19. He stressed that Wuhan University is committed to the internationalization of education and will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with world-class universities in the future to improve the international training level of students. He then briefly introduced the comprehensive strength and leading disciplines of Wuhan University, as well as the indispensable role Wuhan University played in last year's fight against COVID-19. He pointed out that the upcoming 3+1 Bachelor-Master's Degree Program jointly launched by the two universities will greatly enhance the training of high-level international engineering and technical talents.

Hugh Brady, President of the University of Bristol, first expressed his sincere gratitude to Wuhan University for its scientific and technological contribution to the global fight against Covid-19. He reviewed the academic exchanges between the two universities in the fields of Plant Science, Chemistry and Mathematics, and pointed out that the similarities of the two universities, such as the focus on scientific research and academic excellence, is an ideal foundation for extensive cooperation between the two universities. He is looking forward to establishing a strategic partnership with WHU through this memorandum, and carrying out cooperation in student mobility, PhD co-supervision, and scientific cooperation in the future.

Founded in 1876, the University of Bristol is a world-class research university in the UK. Up to now, more than 30 students from WHU have signed up for the research-intensive selection camp of the University of Bristol in summer 2021, preparing for formal participation in the 3+1 Bachelor-Master's Degree Program in the later stage.


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