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All things grow
Author:Zhao Jiaxi  Date:2021-05-22  Clicks:

April witnesses spring in full swing and the campus is brimming with life. The sprouting greenery and the blooming flowers around Luojia Mountain, Cherry Avenue, the lawn in front of the fifth teaching building and the tunnel of Bayi Road abound. Putting on their unlined garments, WHUers are enjoying the splendor of spring on the most beautiful campus of China. WHU is waking up!

Nearby on Kunpeng Square, Chinese photinia is bursting into full bloom, attracting bees for pollination.

Tender leaves grow once the sakura have fallen.

Pink rosebushes decorate the roadside of the Faculty of Information Sciences.

The entrance of the Bayi Tunnel is ablaze with blooming flowers.

Illuminated by the setting sun, every blade of grass is struggling to grow, illustrating the power of life.

Sometimes, unexpected surprises emerge in the grass.

By the Cherry Blossom Avenue, a wildflower basks in the sun and blooms.

With the weather warming up and the sun shining, students swap their winter clothes for unlined garments.

A student takes photos to record the beauty of spring and her cherished youth.

In front of the fifth teaching building, a young man rests on the lawn.

A couple is taking a rest on the lawn in front of the fifth teaching building.


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