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Sport injects vitality into the youthful campus
Author:Zou Pengzhi  Date:2021-05-22  Clicks:

“Life is about exercise” In their spare time, students of Wuhan University embellish their lives with sports, forming beautiful scenery on campus. The sports ground has witnessed endless matches, both competitive and fun, with WHUers bursting with enthusiasm and passion. Let’s take a look at those vigorous sportsmen and women in action.


The men’s basketball final started in the Songqing stadium where the stands were packed with spectators anticipating the outcome of this wonderful game.

Dribble the ball, pass the defense, hit a layup, and score two goals!

Basketball players are sweating it out in the stadium.

Tension building up with the offense and defense under the basket.

A group of young basketball players listening to the coach’s instructions.


Hit a shuttlecock swiftly. On the badminton court, skills are as important as cooperation.


A little girl is playing the game of ‘who can tackle the ball more’ with her father.

The silhouettes of energetic football players can be seen on the green field day and night. Football can bring joy to everyone regardless of their age or gender.

Other Sports

The balls scattered all over the tennis court are testament to the players’ hard work

A team of basketball players engages in a pre-training warm-up

The server steadily tosses the ball into the air and hits it hard. The player on the other side of the court concentrates fully to catch the ball and hit it back.

The dragon dance is a distinguishing feature of Wuhan University. Students wave their poles and pose the dragon in various ways.

Friends are playing ping-pong while their laughter fills the room.

Exercise is a lifelong commitment. It is hoped that students can strike a proper balance between work and rest, and exercise more in their spare time. WHUers are excellent players both in the classroom and on the sports ground.


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