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Wuhan University, where dreams are made
Author:Wu Qianqian  Date:2021-06-23  Clicks:

As Wuhan gradually enters summer, bright, sunny days sweep away the drizzle of spring. Warmed by beautiful sunshine, students in Wuhan University (WHU) weave their own dreams, be it in the library, on the playground, or on stage. The sprouts,  watered with their own efforts, are bound to yield the eagerly anticipated fruits of their dreams.

Leafy Qiushi No.1 Road near the Faculty of Information Sciences bears witness to the many students coming and going.


In the central library of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, the first student arriving at A3 Study Room has already started learning.

Bathed in sunlight, a student is reciting materials in the central library.

In the central library, a student is napping at the table after a whole morning’s study.

In the lobby on the first floor of the central library, a scholarly exhibition of original books from Hong Kong and Macao is held, attracting many students to come and read.

In the Faculty of Information Sciences, WHUers are engaged in practical homework on surveying and mapping.

In the Humanities Building, postgraduate students from the School of Art’s 2018 class are performing their graduation play, The Cherry Orchard --- the Epilogue.

In the Humanities Building, the graduation play of postgraduate students from the School of Art concludes successfully.

Students practicing volleyball on Meiyuan Playground.

On a sunny day, many students with academic gowns taking photographs on the 9.12 Playground in memory of their campus lives.

On the 9.12 Playground, a student is sketching a view of the Main Administration Building.

In the Faculty of Information Sciences, students are sitting in discussions on the steps. A slogan behind them reads: “Spending the best years of youth at the foot of Luojia Mountain, striving for a strong country all your life”.

Photographer: Wu Qianqian

Written by: Wu Qianqian

Rewritten by: Zhang Ruoxi

Edited by: Dong Xiaoqian


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