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Elegance of Chu Opera enters campus stage
Author:Zhu Puhou  Date:2023-05-19  Clicks:

Chu Opera, the local traditional drama in Hubei Province, belongs to China’s national intangible cultural heritage.

Chu Opera has a history of more than 150 years. It was known as Oh-ha Opera, Huangxiao Flower-Drum Opera, or Xilu Flower-Drum Opera before 1926 and then renamed Chu Opera. Combining elements from the popular Hunan Oh-ha Opera with folk songs, Daoqing Opera, Zhuma Opera, folk rap and so on from the Huangpi District of Wuhan City as well as Xiaogan City in Hubei Province, it has gradually become an independent local opera of the Han nationality.

The first program -- The Crossroads

In the Song Dynasty, Jiao Zan, the General of the Three Passes, was relegated to Samana Island for killing Wang Ruoqin's son-in-law Xie Jinwu. During Jiao’s escort, Ren Tanghui was appointed by Yang Yanzhao to protect him secretly. So he rushed to check into the inn where the escort team stayed at night after reaching the crossroads. Later in the evening, Liu Lihua, the owner of the inn who wanted to save Jiao Zan, got into a misunderstanding with Ren Huitang and fought with Ren at midnight. During their fighting, Liu's wife rescued Jiao Zan, who recognized Ren Tanghui, and they met and headed to the Three Passes together.

Ren Tanghui --- starring Huang Zimeng

Liu Lihua --- starring Li Yiheng



The Qiujiang River

Pan Bizheng and Chen Miaochao, a Taoist nun, got acquainted and engaged to each other secretly. However, the old Taoist nun soon found out and forced Pan Bizheng to go to Lin'an for the examination. When Chen Miaochang heard the news, she rushed to the Qiujiang River. On her way, she encountered an old shipowner who was waiting to ferry visitors by boat. After chatting and laughing for a while, Chen Miaochang and the old shipowner took the boat to catch up with Pan Bizheng.

Chen Miaochang --- starring Ping Ziyi

The Old Shipowner --- starring Ruan Congwu



 Scone Seller Performing on the Street

Wu Song's elder brother Wu Dalang made his living by selling scones on the street. One day, he heard from a little kid that the hero who was famous for beating up the tiger on Chingyang Ridge was actually his own brother. Wu Dalang was so surprised and happy that he decided to come along with others to welcome Wu Song's return. However, the little kid couldn't believe Wu Dalang was the hero's older brother until he demonstrated his ability to fight on the street. Finally, the kid and Wu Dalang came to welcome the hero back together.

Wu Dalang --- starring Li Nan

Hui Ge --- starring ChenQin

Take the Car to the Pageant

Yu Laosi and Zhang Ermei were a rural couple madly in love. Under pressure, however, they kept their relationship a secret. One day, the annual Glenlan Pageant was held in Yu Laosi’s village. He wanted to invite his lover to watch it with him and to talk, but he was also worried about gossip in the village. Just as he struggled to find a solution, Yu thought of his friend Miao Sange and invited him to watch the pageant together. Miao Sange accepted the invitation with delight. He pushed the car in which Zhang Ermei was seated to the date, and the date at the pageant was finally fulfilled along with them happily singing, dancing, and laughing together.

Zhang Ermei --- starring by Xu Ronghan

Miao Laosan --- Starring by Wangchao

Yu Laosi --- Starring by Wang Ningyi

When you step into the theatre, you will marvel at the eye-catching actors and actresses on stage. The remarkable moments seem so difficult to us that there is no way the techniques can be cultivated within a day or a night. However, in regard to their professions, these are simply the basic skills that should be acquired. It is highly recommended that everyone should come to the theatre to experience the traditional opera culture. While appreciating the charm of opera performances, we should also appreciate the years of persistence that go into cultivating the love of culture.

Rewritten by Jiang Hanjun

Edited by Ma Shuqi


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