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To be a Cultural Power
Author:Peng Fuchun  Date:2014-01-20  Clicks:

The School of Philosophy, Wuhan University

It is recognized that being a culturally strong nation is increasingly important for a country. Culture is of great importance to a country’s development. Firstly, culture has an intangible value in forming the soul of a nation. Secondly, culture has a tangible value that accounts for a significant portion of a country’s economic activity. Thirdly, culture integrates with technology in ways that alter modern life style. Therefore, to promote the development of culture in China will help build up a new global image.

China should have long-term and short-term goals for becoming a cultural power. The long-term goal is to achieve the revitalization of the Chinese nation and make Chinese culture uniquely important among a diversified global culture. The short-term goal is to systemize and institutionalize cultural undertakings and make culture-related industries more market oriented.

But how can China build a cultural power? China needs to find the right path for its cultural development, which begins with a concept of the importance of culture.

Unlike a weak culture that hampers national development, a strong culture inspires a country’s vitality and creativity. Modern Chinese culture should embrace the great spirit of the Chinese nation, the unrelenting capacity of the Chinese people in revitalizing the Chinese nation and modern Chinese people’s innovative capability as seen in the reform era. A strong culture is not only about inheritance and learning; it’s also about innovation.

Only when Chinese culture is strong enough, than China will become a cultural power.

Source:Journal of Wuhan University

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