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Shu Hongbing
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Professor Shu Hongbing is a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is now the Vice-President of Wuhan University. In 1987, he graduated from the Department of Biology of Lan Zhou University. In 1990, he obtained his master degree from Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1995, he received the doctoral degree from Emory University, the United States.

Shu Hongbing focuses his research on cell signal transduction related to immunity and has published over 100 theses in international journals which have been quoted widely. He has won following awards: Dolph Adams Prize of American society for white blood cell biology (2004), First Prize of Natural Sciences under the Ministry of Education (2005), Outstanding Achievement Award of Chinese Society for Cell Biology (2009), Second Prize of National Nature Sciences (2010), etc. He has also received Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 1999. He was selected as a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011 and The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World in 2012. He is now the Vice Chairman of Chinese Society for Cell Biology and editorial board member for several international journals.



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