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Zhang Zuxun
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Professor Zhang Zuxun is an expert in photogrammetry and remote sensing. He was selected as a member of International Academy of Sciences for Europe and Asia in 1995 and a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2003.

Professor Zhang Zuxun has been long engaged in teaching and research on photogrammetry and remote sensing. He has led a number of national and ministerial major research projects and has achieved substantial outcomes in Aviation image mapping automation. He was awarded a series of prizes such as second prize of National Nature Sciences and second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress. He also invented VirtuoZo, a digital photogrammetric system which has been promoted widely in China and abroad. In recent years, Zhang Zuxun devotes to the application of digital photogrammetric system in engineering design, engineering surveying and digital city construction.

Professor Zhang Zuxun has published over 200 theses and books and trained more than 50 graduates.



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