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50 Years Saw Fruitful Results in Professor Zhu Yingguo’sTeaching and Research
Author:Hang Yan  Date:2015-04-24  Clicks:

Professor Zhu Yingguo, a nationwide renowned CAE member, has been engaged in the research on hybrid rice and plant genetics for 50 years. On April 16th, a conference was held to honor his achievements in teaching and research.

In the past 5 decades, he has made great breakthroughs by breeding two kinds of hybrid rice—Ma Xie & Hong Lian while fostering more than a hundred talents in hybrid rice technology. He was also rewarded for his contribution and published 200-odd research papers.

“Scientific research cannot be completed without the joint efforts of many colleagues committed to the same goals.” said Professor Zhu, “I owe my success to the support of the country, to the guidance from my tutor and to teamwork.” Looking back on his experiences in scientific research, he said scientists should pay more attention to developing new types of hybrid rice so as to safeguard food security and benefit people around the world. Integrating basic and applied research with industrialization is the way to achieve national goals and find answers to scientific questions.

“As a model of an excellent scientists in China, Professor Zhu still works on scientific research assiduously and is committed to improving people’s well-being. We should carry forward this spirit of facing difficulties bravely and pursuing excellence ceaselessly.” Vice Governor of Hubei Province Guo Shenglian says.

At last, Chair of the University Council Han Jin encouraged students and faculty to work with earnest and rigorous scholarly spirit, and make Professor Zhu an example to their due contribution regarding the economic and social development in China.

Professor Zhu Yingguo's Resume: http://en.whu.edu.cn/info/1073/1590.htm

(Rewritten by Min Liu, edited by Diana, Yue Rao & Sijia Hu)


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