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China-Canada Scholarly Exchanges on Environmental Water Management
Author:Duanling Fu  Date:2015-05-25  Clicks:

The WHU-Waterloo-CUG Joint Workshop on Water Environment, a two-day event, took place at Wuhan University on May 21st. Over 70 experts gathered here to discuss the latest research achievements and potential areas for international collaboration.

This joint seminar covered multiple aspects including hydro-ecology, groundwater conservation and water environment modeling. Experts from both countries delivered presentations on their research topics. Mr. Bob Gillham, a retired professor and renowned groundwater expert, presented the research development on halogenated organic pollutant degradation via granulated iron under the title “Groundwater Remediation and Permeable Reactive Barriers”. Mr. Philippe Van Cappellen, an eco-hydrology expert and President of the Canadian Eco-hydrology Research Association, gave his presentation on the transfer of pollutants from laboratories to fields. Following the two, Mr. Yanxin Wang, an expert on groundwater pollution and President of the Chinese University of Geology (Wuhan), introduced the latest output of his research team on the hydro-geological chemistry and bio-geological chemistry of the arsenic-rich groundwater system. At last, Prof. Jinzhong Yang from Wuhan University, delivered his presentation on the groundwater supply in North China, elaborating about the feasibility of modeling the groundwater supply.

Apart from academic exchanges, the three parties also reviewed the past collaboration and discussed potential areas in education and research for future cooperation. The parties agreed that a deeper cooperation among them would maximize the strengths and promote the internationalization of each party involved. Further collaboration projects are likely to commence shortly.

(Edited by Diana & Sijia Hu)


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