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WHU’s Prof. develops a new generation of thrombolysin- Starting a business to industrialize the scientific discoveries
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Hubei Daily (Reporter: Han Xiaoling, Intern: Tong Tiansheng): Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, mainly caused by thrombus, are currently posing a serious threat to human health. Against this backdrop, what is the role of biotechnology in dissolving intravascular thrombus and removing stasis?

The news arrived on Feb. 7th that Wang Yefu’s team, from College of Life Sciences, Wuhan University, has developed a new type of highly hyperactive thrombolysis through all difficulties. This thrombolysis, named Plasmin QK, has an activity four times that of nattokinase and an active time within body lasting 8-16 hours. Wang Yefu gives a vivid explanation, “let’s compare thrombus to the reinforced concrete, then the fibrous protein is like the steel rebar and the others the concretes.” Plasmin QK can directly degrade fibrous protein to realize the “targeted” thrombolysis.


Prof. Wang is in his Lab

Notably, Wang Yefu, the professor and the doctoral supervisor, has another identity: a corporate legal representative.

Wuhan Zhenfu Pharmaceutical Co.,set up by Wang Yefu, is dedicating to the RD and industrialization of Plasmin QK. At present, the company has launched a series of health-care products in the public market and also applied for the registration of the National Category 1 of Therapeutic Biological New Products.

The first step into this new and high-tech enterprise in the Biolake of Optical Valley was greeted with the fermenting smell along the aisles. Some researchers were experimenting on preparative ultracentrifuges, automatic fermenters and biochemical testers to improve the activity of their products. In the packaging workshop, some female workers were packing the health-care products into separate bottles.

Wang Yefu explained, “Actually, the company had been registered in 2007, but it was not operated until 5 years later. At that time, the students who proposed its establishment had left for other placesfor their careers and he was worried that operating a company would be regarded as “not attending his own duties” for a university professor. However, recent years have encouraged Wang Yefu with golden entrepreneurship opportunities so that he expects to industrialize his scientific research fruits for the general public’s benefit.

In 2016, Wuhan Zhenfu Pharmaceutical Co. was selected as the “Gazelle enterprise” in the Optical Valley. “The company’s revenue is soaring from no more than 2 million (Yuan) in 2016 to 18 million (Yuan) in 2017. This year, the 10,000-squre-meter-factories in Gedian, co-constructed with Ezhou, are going into operation. Thus, we have faith in another leap forward,” Wang said.

(Photo by Chutian Metropolis Daily)

(Rewritten by Lu Huixin, Edited by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi, Liu Jiachen and Liu Xiaoli)

Source:Hubei Daily

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