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SCI-E includes the Journal of Geo-spatial Information Science edited by Academician Li Deren
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According to a recent report released by the Web of Science Group, the Journal of Geo-spatial Information Science (GSIS) has been officially included in the Science Citation Index (SCI-E), whose papers are available in the Web of Science database dating back to the 1st issue of 2018.

GSIS is an English academic journal in the field of geo-spatial information science sponsored by Wuhan University, with Academician Li Deren as the editor-in-chief, Prof. J.van Genderen (University of Twente, Netherlands) and Prof. Alexander Zipf (University of Heidelberg, Germany) as the associate editors for international academics. Academicians Gong Jianya and Li Jiancheng, Prof. Chen Ruizhi, Wu Huayi, Yang Bisheng from WHU serve as the editorial board members, and Professor of Editorship Zhang Shujuan is the executive deputy editor.

Adhering to the principle of international publication, the editorial board of CSIS has firmly grasped the development trend and operation strategy of the journal, organized high-quality manuscript sources, continuously improved the quality and academic level of the journal papers, and published a number of articles by world-class scientists. The editorial board of GSIS has a total of 57 members, including 7 academicians from home and abroad and 47 editorial members from overseas.

It is reported that GSIS has been included in several databases such as ESCI, GeoBase and Scoups and was selected as "China's Most Internationally Influential Academic Journal" (TOP5%) in 2019. The journal was approved by China Sci-tech Journals Excellence Action Plan Support Project in 2019. In addition, GSIS has joined forces with Taylor&Francis Group since 2012 to adopt an international publishing platform and a publishing model with open access (OA).

The journal’s website: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/tgsi20/current

Rewritten by: Shi Shang

Edited by: Wu Buer and Hu Sijia


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