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Zhang Xiaoxiang
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Zhang Xiaoxiang was born in 26 June 1918 in Haining, Zhejiang. He graduated from Electrical Engineering of Wuhan University in 1943. He was once the Chief Engineer and the Director of No.56 Research Institute of the General Staff Headquarters and committee member of various other cyber technology associations and communities. He is currently a researcher of No.58 Research Institute of the General Staff Headquarters, senior member of the Academic Divisions of Chinese Academy of Science, member of Supervision Team of National Project 863, Specialist in the Expert Committee of China International Engineering Consulting Corporation under the State Planning Commission. He is now also honorary professor employed by a number of famous Chinese universities.

As a famous computer expert in China, Zhang Xiaoxiang has made great contributions to Chinese development of: computer science and technology.
In 1956, China formulated its 12-year plan of technological development. Zhang took his place in projecting the establishment of the domestic computer industry, and served as a member of the preparatory committee projecting the establishment of Institute of Computing Technology under Chinese Academy of Science. In the winter of 1956, Zhang was assigned as the leader of a study group with 20 backbone computer scientists, which planned to study cybernetic technologies in USSR, mainly in places like the Institute of Precision Mechinery and Computing Technology——as well as the Computing Center——of Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Returning to China in 1958, experts in this study group immediately found themselves in the construction project of Chinese first mainframe computer——Mainframe 104. Completed in 1959, it was presented as a gift for the 9th celebration of PRC foundation. As the Project Leader and Chief Scientist, Zhang dedicated a lot in its success.

During the next 30 years, Zhang concentrated in research on computer technologies and national defense industries, playing an important role in the development of Chinese Computer Sciences. In the Mid 80s, China embraced the success of the Supercomputer Project under his charge.

For decades, Zhang Xiaoxiang has been working in the scientific field where he was mostly needed, and his advices on researches of computer technologies has always been listened and valued.

The achievements of Zhang have been highly recognized by the government. He has been awarded medals and prizes in related field He also won a certificate of honor specially issued by the State Scientific and Technological Commission towards person who contributed to the National Project 863.


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