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Chen Rongti
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Chen Rongti was born in November 1919 in Dianjiang, Sichuan. He is currently a professor of the Department of Chemistry at Nankai University, and an member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was also once Standing Committee Member of  CPPCC.

Chen entered the Graduate School of Wuhan University in 1942 and finished his degree in 1944 and was sent abroad to the United States. He earned his Doctor`s Degree in Indiana University in 1952. Between the year 1952 and the year 1953 he was doing postdoctoral research in Northwestern University of United States. From year 1953 to year 1954 he was a researcher of the low temperature laboratory in the University of Chicago, doing research assigned by the United States Atomic Energy Commission. In 1954, he returned to the newly founded PRC and has been teaching as a professor in Nankai University ever since.

Major Achievements:

Chen Rongti specialises teaching and research of Chemical Thermodynamics and  Complexometric Chemistry. His achievements has been fully recognized and deeply respected by the chemistry academia throughout the world, and has won several national and international awards. Up to the end of year 1998, Chen had published more than 270 academic essays on authoritative publications both domestic and foreign, many of which had already been placed in the reference lists of various books and periodicals.

As the pioneer and promoter of Coordination Chemistry, Chen imposed an extensive influence upon the international chemistry academia. One of his most important achievements has been confirmed as tremendously beneficial to the development of industrial catalysts.

Chen has made great dedications in solving problems existing in chemical productions, through this he helped to generate massive amount of economic benefits.

Major Publications:

Chen Rongti is the author of textbook Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Principle, Coordination Physical Chemistry, and Coordination Catalysis. He also translated the book Organic Chemistry Reaction In Molecular Sieve and Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms. The 1994 Correlation Analysis In Coordination Chemistry,serves as a summarization of his achievements in scientific research. He was once tasked with four national scientific research projects. He also cultivated estimated 60 postgraduates with 27 Doctors among them. He also provided guidance for two Post Doctors and more than 10 teachers.


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