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A Nice Try in Establishing an Informationalized University
Author:Xu Kun  Date:2015-03-16  Clicks:

Having been an information-provider for almost every student in Grade 2012 since 2011, I can hardly count the number of students who once asked me for useful tips and specific suggestions. Empowered by Renren, a social website once as famous as Facebook, my non-profit WHU 2012 Information Page provides every follower with in-depth analyses of various university announcements and department policies which are precise and detailed. When encountering practical problems, students can follow successful cases and seek clever tips, which are freely and shared on my page. When Grade 2012 students have their chances to transfer their majors to other areas, when they need to choose whether to study a second major or not, when they encounter problems in attending classes on holidays, and when they have to make a schedule for studies abroad, they find all the information and tips they need to make their way to success.

How can I keep running my page for almost four years? The answer is that I always find myself greatly inspired and deeply impressed by Grade 2012 students who somehow benefit from the content of my page, avoiding potential obstacles in their path and thus achieving more than their expectations. It may sound strange, but I really enjoy the over-joyful feeling of helping other students in getting content and becoming successful.

Besides my page, I have also established a QQ group: WHU 2012 Visiting Student Group. Through this QQ group, I offered exclusive suggestions and personal solutions for every group member. Most group members have a desire to study abroad as exchange students or masters, and they know me much from previous communication both online and offline. In this information society, the priority belongs to the well-informed people. Poor access to information creates inequity within the society. That’s why I decided to take the responsibility to provide as much information as I can to the students.

Apart from my voluntary and independent information-sharing activity, budget travel is another hobby of mine. During my visit at the University of York, I planned a three-week sole budget travel through Europe and America, and the freedom and efficiency of this endeavor proves very intriguing. From carrying out budget travels, applying for my visiting and master’s programs, and many other DIY experiences taken place during my time as a WHU student, I grow up to be a man and I clearly realize that there is no limitation, but only unwillingness and delay in our ways to achieve goals and fulfill dreams.

(Edited by Diana & Sijia Hu)


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