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This Is My Last Year at WHU
Author:Ke Shi  Date:2015-03-22  Clicks:

This is my last year at WHU. I remember when I first arrived at the campus, it was insanely difficult for me to find my way from Jian Lake to Hubin. Now, it seems that I can walk this route with my eyes closed. Every cherry blossom tree, every building and every road at WHU have gradually been embedded in my mind, grown in my heart and built in my nature.

This is my last year at WHU. When I first realized I had to spend 4 years here, I wasn't proud of myself at all. I felt like some kind of a fallen angel, who deserved much more and much better. My roommate, who happened to be one of my best friends, told me, 'You know what? I thought you were really in pain when we first met, because when I said hello, you barely looked at me and you didn't even make a sound in response!' I can't recall this now, but she was probably right. Maybe I was too busy self-pitying at that time, but it wasn't long before I fell in love with this university. This university may not be that world-famous, but it is decent and fraught with historical significance. This university will not be overshadowed by any of its counterparts, because it emphasizes rigorous academic research, as well as colorful extracurricular life. Most importantly for me, this university is where I met my best friends, whom I would not trade for anything in the world and would cherish for the rest of my life.

This is my last year at WHU. I think this article is not about me, but about how I become who I am, which can be attributed to the help of a lot of people. I appreciate my classmates in the 2011 Economics Base Class. I was a transfer student from the major of Public Administration, and I wouldn't have dreamed about winning the National Scholarship if it were not for the warm help they offered me both in study and in life. I appreciate the faculty who taught me. They, teachers and colleagues, were all so patient in answering my annoying questions and so tolerant of the mistakes I made. They saw something in me, which undoubtedly helped boost my confidence and shape my personality. The years I have spent at WHU not only made me realize who I was, but also presented me with a better version of myself.

This is my last year at WHU. The university is a magical place where I learned to dream big. I dare to dream big, because in a dream that I construct, I get to be the master who sets her own goal, takes her chances and tears apart any obstacles that stand in her way. I wanted to improve my mathematical modeling ability, and I did. I took part in the MCM 2014 and was awarded an Honorable Mention. I wanted to make some foreign friends, and I did. I was a volunteer in the WHU-DUKE Leadership Promoting Camp, which was a preparation step toward the establishment of Kunshan Duke University. I wanted to overcome my stage fright, and I did. I ranked Top 18 on a national scale in the 'FLTRP Cup' English Public Speaking Contest. I wanted to taste the flavor of independence, and I did. I attended the Columbia summer session and lived in New York City all on my own. These are easier said than done, but firstly, we should not be intimidated by our dreams. Instead, we should work hard to turn them into reality.

This is my last year at WHU. I'd rather think that this isn't the end, but the beginning of a whole new life. And without WHU, I would never have this beautiful future ahead of me.

Wish those who are reading this some unique and memorable experiences at WHU.

(Edited by Diana & Sijia Hu)



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