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To be Addicted
Author:Xin Deng  Date:2015-03-23  Clicks:

In the twinkling of an eye, my four-year undergraduate life is coming to an end. Thanks to that experience at WHU, which I hold special for the rest of my life, I found abundant opportunities, intimate friends, enormous knowledge, different world views, as well as many drawbacks.

When I was a freshman, I kept the habbit of reading bilingual newspapers to keep an eye on what is going on. Besides studying for my courses, I showed great interest in ball games such as table tennis and vollleyball, which I played throughout my college life.

Just like many students, I was previously unsatisfied with my major Chemistry, so I chose Business Administration as my second major to broaden my understanding of the world. Meanwhile, I took a position in the Student Union, where I initially expected to exchange more feelings and thoughts with others.

During the first two years, I spent time happily as most students did. Things got changed when a recruitment opportunity showed up in my life.

I got selected in the ‘Qingquan Project’, an innovation-driven, responsibility-oriented and non-profit organization founded by WHU. It explores new ideas for public services and innovative practice. After visiting many poor villages and getting a direct image of their clean water shortage, we felt an urge to relieve these people from this bad living condition. So we did. Greatly inspired by the faith that helping others makes us happy, I gradually became addicted to public welfare and eager to know what is going on in the high-speed developing world. I started my exploration either on my own or with the help of a team. I went to the earthquake-stricken area in Ya’an to serve as a volunteer for one week to help them rebuild their homes and persuade them into making a move from their damaged, dangerous buildings to new housing. Later on, I attended a forum concerning the Asian leadership, where many youngsters assembled to discuss how to make a better world through the power of constructive leadership. I also got an internship in a social enterprise, where I acquired more profound knowledge about public welfare. What is sustainable always comes first.

Knowing that I have been recommended for Zhejiang Universtity, I feel confident instead of scared, because the life at WHU offered me great opportunities. Here I learned I had become addicted to helping others and this is truly what I am fond of doing. Concentrate on the task at hand, and others will make way for it. What’s more, WHU taught me to face the world with an open mind and think outside the box. Only taking a step outside the familiar, the small universe we know, we can better comprehend the wide world and integrate with it. My friends, just embrace the world with your open heart and may you have a brilliant future!

(Edited by Diana & Sijia Hu)


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