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Take 100 days to say goodbye
Author:Wang Yupin  Date:2018-05-31  Clicks:

In thousand students graduate from Wuhan University. It is never an easy thing to say goodbye to a place filled with precious memories. The official microblog of WHU recently launched a topic called “The last 100 days at Luojia Mountain”. “100 days before graduation is a good point for countdown.” Wang Xueyi, one of the initiators said. “We hope to give graduates an unforgettable memory at the end of their college life.”

The idea was born during the last graduation season. According to weekly-released missions on the microblog, graduates need to upload specific pictures and texts based on each week’s requirements. Students who complete more than 10 tasks at the time of graduation will receive a special gift. “These missions are carefully chosen.” Wang Xueyi said. “We try to pick something that students would like to do, and also closely related to WHU.” This year, tasks included cycling around East Lake, watching a movie in Meiyuan playground, posting a photo of your WHU ID card and cherry blossoms. Once released, these tasks received great response. According to Wang, she was really touched by students’ enthusiasm last year. She said that a few graduates who were not able to participant in the activity sent messages expressing their regrets. “I can feel their strong attachment to Wuhan University through their emotional words.”


Activity introduction

For graduates, completing tasks is also a process of reviewing their experiences on campus, or a chance to try something they have never done before. “If it hadn’t been for the mission, I would not have listened to Professor Li Gongzhen’s class.” said the senior student Zhou from the School of Power and Mechanical Engineering. For most students, the campus recorded what they had experienced, who they met and what they saw. The meaning of completing tasks is unique to each student. In a sense, this place is more like “home” rather than “school”. “Every time I get off the bus at the Luojia Mountain stop, it feels like arriving home.” Zhou said.

Inspirited by students’ ardor, the WHU microblog is going to make it a regular annual activity. “We hope that this activity can become a special ceremony for WHUers.” Wang said. Popular as it is, “The last 100 days at Luojia Mountain” will continuously go on in the future.


Mission—cycling around East Lake

So far, the activity has been going smoothly. Students are looking forward to the following tasks. “I really want to see more interesting missions.” Zhou said. “Sometimes I think ten missions are not enough.” Participants not only post pictures, but also interact with others on the microblog. They share their favorite cafeteria and dishes, recommend beautiful scenic spots on campus. In view of the number of participants, Wang said that it might take some time to collect data, because it is an entirely manual process. “It’s a big job, but we will definitely try our best. Please support the activity as always and help us make it better and lasting.” According to her, the following missions will also try to show “Impressions of WHU”. “We want to make every task closely related to WHU, and also closely related to students’ life. This is our consistent theme; I believe you will not be disappointed.”

Departure is inevitable, but still something can be done to make it unique and memorable. Maybe for all the graduates, it is a good chance to create more memories with WHU in “The last 100 days”.

(Photo by WHU microblog, Wang Yupin)

(Edited by Li Minjia, Zheng Yayun, Edmund Wai Man Lai, Liu Jiachen and Liu Xiaoli)


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