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Spring Is Coming--Youth on the Playing Fields
Author:Shi Yuehan  Date:2018-06-29  Clicks:

In March and April, buds of cherry blossoms in WHU open annually, which is like a code signal whispering that the cold and dark days of winter were behind us. With spring waking up, students in WHU take off sweaters and heavy coats, enjoying their time on the playing fields.

This year, the final of WHU Futsal Championshipwas held in GuiYuan playground. It is the third year since the contest was initially conducted and the first year when girls are invited to participate in the game. What is worth mentioning most is that the final is transmitted live through the QQ platform of the student’s union in WHU, and the visual feast has aroused immense echoes among football fans.

The match between the No.1 team of the School of Power and Mechanical Engineeringand the No.1 team of the Department of Computer Sciencebegins at 4pm. And only two minutes after that, a member of the school of Power and Mechanical Engineering burst through the defense and slotted it past the goalkeeper. All the audience yelled for his goal. The School of the Department of Computer Science didn’t score in the first half. However, after the second half began, they got a penalty kick soon. In the 13th minutes, they provided us a moment of magic and scored again. The fighting was intense and two teams tied. In the end, Zhuang Gin, a member of the team of the school of power and mechanical seized the opportunity and scored a goal. As a consequence, the No.1 team of the school of Power and Mechanical Engingeering became the champion with the score of 3:2. Thus, he curtains descends on the WHU Futsal Championship.                 


the award ceremony of WHU Futsal Championship

After nearly one-month tight battles, WHUTorch Cup Volleyball Championshipreached the final in the Songqing Gymnasium. The girl’s competition was held at around 4pm and the School of Resources and Environmental Sciences won the match. The men’s final was between the School of Civil Engineering and the Electronic Information School. It began at half past six and chanting fans packed the stadium. The whole match consisted of three games. In the first session, the cooperation of the Electronic Information School seemed more tacit. Besides, the athletes of the School of Civil Engineering apparently were crushed by the enormous pressure on them and made lots of unforced errors, which eventually led to their conceding the victory to the Electronic Information School.


  athletes waiting for the start of the volleyball match      


the first session of the volleyball match

Even though they lost the first game, the boys never lost confidence in themselves. After some temporary break and requiring for the technical time-out, they stood in advantage. The chief and the second spiker nearly performed perfectly while service errors never happened again. Unfortunately, they really had a formidable opponent and lost it with 23-25.      


the second session of the volleyball match

With two-session victories, the Electronic Information School fought more fiercely and had a big lead in the second session. With the game going on, the scoring gap became larger and larger. They won the third session with 25-19, and they also got the champion by a convincing margin. “The School of Civil Engineering needn’t feel awkward or shameful about the result,” the referee said, “Each team in the final are outstanding from so many other teams. Maybe the Electronic Information School performed better and had better tactics tonight, but every candidate in the final had strong power.”


the award ceremony of men’s competition


the award ceremony of women’s competition

And Jiang Zhenzhen, one of the candidates in women’s competition, said she was deeply attracted by the performance of both sides. “The men’s final was overwhelmingly appealing. I couldn’t stop yelling. I am a member in the volleyball team so I know how tired they could be for preparing for the championship.”  

WHU Torch Cup Volleyball Championshipand Futsal Championshiphave both received considerable attention. They call on WHUers to walk out dormitories and classrooms to work out in the playing fields, and more significantly, they encourage students never to lose their fighting spirit and enterprising spirit.

(Photo by: Wang Yujie)

(Edited by Wang Wei, Liu Jiachen and Liu Xiaoli)


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