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The unfound places of Wuhan University
Author:Ye Huaiqian  Date:2018-06-29  Clicks:

Building No.16, Hongshan District

The jurist Ge Yanghuan used to live here from 1929 to 1939. During the War of Resisteance against Japan Aggression, he moved westward to Leshan due to the relocation of WHU and later back here in 1945. However, he was labeled as the Rightist in 1957, so he was accommodated at the ground floor. In the winter of 1972, Mr. Ge passed away here. Nowadays, the building serves as Taiwan Research Institute and Education Research Center of Traditional Chinese Culture on Taiwan and Mainland of Wuhan University.

Building No.17, Hongshan District

Chen Huajan, a microbiologist, and his wife Zhou Rusong, a metal physicist used to live here. Professor Chen founded the country's first soil department at Peking University. He then returned to his alma mater, Wuhan University to teach there. In 1978, he took the position as President of Huazhong Agricultural College (the former Huazhong Agricultural University). Professor Zhou graduated from Wuhan University in 1934 and stayed to teach before going to Britain for further education. After returning to China, she established the "Internal Consumption Research Room", which then became Jingchu Wenku studio now.

The Water Tower

The Water Tower was built by Shen Zhusan, a businessman from Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. It takes a pagoda-like appearance, which is commonly used in Buddhist architecture. Now the water tower is deserted, and the green plant around is its only companion.

Building No.18, Hongshan District

The building used to be the dormitory of Mr. Wang Shijie, Mr. Wang Xinggong and Mr. Zhou Gensheng, all of whom used to serve as President of Wuhan University. Presently, the building is where Center for Collaborative Innovation on Marxist Theory and Chinese Practice locates.

The Theater

Hidden in the hill forest between Fengyuan Road and North Huanshan Road is a piece of open space east to the water tower. The stage on the north side is small yet warm; behind the auditorium on the south side grows some green and purple plants. When night falls, the lights nearby will light up this dreamlike place.

Graduate School of Wuhan University

The Graduate School of Wuhan University is located between the Alumni Home and Luojia Mountain Villa. Its wall is inscribed with WHU’s motto, namely, “Improve Yourself, Carry Forward Stamina, Seek Truth and Develop Innovations” and covered with Boston ivies in summer.

(Photography by Ye Huaiqian)

(Rewritten by Zheng Xiaoxia, Edited by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi, Liu Xiaoli)


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