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WHU opens a door to students’ successful career
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WHU has long been a roadmap to many high-powered careers, and oodles of prominent alumni can attest to the high quality of jobs WHUers pursue. It has been a supporting pillar, continually incorporating new tools so that the students will be better served. WHU also encourages students to cultivate and expand their talents, rather than pigeonhole them. This philosophy of WHU has benefited numerous students here, especially journalism students, for whom practical skills and cultural awareness are just as important as academic credential in crafting future careers.

Wang Qingqing

Wang Qingqing, a sophomore journalism student, has her heart set on working for UNESCO. In 2016, she participated in the MUN conference in Zhejiang Province as a representative of Lithuania. She drafted a proposal on the protection of children rights in war-stricken countries and won the title of best representative. In the following year, she participated in an AIESEC program themed “dare to dream” under which she traveled to Southeastern China to acquaint high-school students with cultures from different countries.

In 2018, she participated in the World Youth Forum held in Egypt, where she exchanged ideas on peace and development with young delegates from around the globe. Speaking of her experience there, she said, “I was particularly impressed by a speech given by Nadia, a 21-year-old Iraqi girl, who was slandered by the extremist organization ISIS. After fleeing their capture, she confirmed their atrocious acts at a UN meeting. Earlier this year, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. At the forum, her speech was calm yet full of energy, and it stimulated my desire to make a contribution to world peace”. She asserted that WHU has been providing free and open platforms to students, enabling students like her to cultivate a broader worldview from diverse cultural exchange activities and thus enhancing their self-confidence to face challenges that lay ahead.


Sheng Yulan

Sheng Yulan, majoring in Broadcasting and Anchoring, has volunteered at the World Women University Presidents Forum, Cross-Strait East Lake Youth Forum and Wuhan Open. In this summer, she also interned at the Hubei Television and Radio station. She believes that seeing such high-profile events through to completion has broadened her horizons.

In addition to broadcasting courses, she is also taking classes at the Radio and TV department. She said, “Compared to other universities, WHU provides students more opportunities to develop comprehensive skills in collecting, compiling and broadcasting news. We are required to be adept in photography, camera shooting, and audio and video editing.” After being exposed to all sort of work, she intends to work in the media industry in the future. She said, “I have taken up the role of a moderator on stage, and behind the scenes, I have done editing, planning and other such tasks. In the future, I want to become a responsible media person and spread truly valuable information.”


Gong Kehan

Gong Kehan, another sophomore in WHU, is a news presenter at WHU TV station. She has hosted the South Korean Top University exchange program. She said, "I aspire to become a professional news anchor, because the job gives me a sense of accomplishment. I really like being in front of the camera.”

Wang Xuechun, a fellow journalism student, has successfully made two feature films, one of which is a promotional video for Union of Student Associations in WHU and planned a studio TV program. About her post-graduation career, she said, “I want to become a director or a choreographer. It is more in line with my personality. I can express my thoughts, be seen by people and be appreciated. My teacher says that the job of a director is miscellaneous, so, I am working hard to be skilled in all aspects of filmmaking.”

With eloquence, modernity and earnestness, these young girls have shown promise as journalism students poised for amazing careers. They make a strong case for how important it is to be mindful of opportunities at WHU and use them to open doors to different avenues of employment. This is an attitude that students who want to become successful architects of their careers can follow.

Edited by Wang Wei and Hu Sijia


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