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WHU in snow
Author:Chen Yaqi  Date:2019-02-18  Clicks:

On December 30th, a glittering snowfall embraced the southern city of Wuhan, veil the Luojia Hill in pure white. The unexpected guest does not ground people’s steps outwards. Instead, the campus got activated by the thought of "snow in the southplaying or perishing", as more and more students go outdoors to the Olympic Playground, the Plum Playground and the top of Cherry Castle. Laughters are intertwined with the wind and snow, while the black footprints are etched in the white filed. Everyone is enjoying this carnival of the New Year’s eve in advance.


The red windows and green tiles against the cherry blossoms is not an uncommon scenery, while their silent sight in the snow is quite rare. Conifers surrounding the Olympic Playground stood as erect as valiant guardians of the buildings nearby. The Cherry Dormitory is shining in the sunlight under a white veil, and its long stairs could not deter visitors’ steps to the top for a glance of the snowy Wuhan University.


Most snowmen on the playground had blazing red lips. But the big one in the middle is especially eye-catching with its elegant top hat and campus-ID card ears. There was also a simple one with a mere decorating green umbrella on its head. But the most amazing sight is a row of little snowmen standing neat on the edge, similar in appearance yet with slight differences. It must be a surprise by a young-at-heart unknown.


The bare branches after gale are the perfect nest for the falling snowflakes. An additional Elk would make the untrodden meadow just like the hometown of the Santa Claus. The snow-covered Cherry Avenue might be better called Snowflake Avenue these days. Strolling in this fairy world is a trip of romance no matter in groups or on your own.


Children are along with their parents to appreciate the wonderful snow scenery and enjoy the probably first snow in their life. The recognized ‘the coolest kid’ was the one in the bright yellow coat with a blue bucket in her hand, whose loveliness attracted lots of passers-by to take photos with her.


But we, students of WHU are undoubtedly the focus! We worked hard day and night for the coming final examination and also played hard in this rare snow day. Hands cold and red, we couldn’t stop making our own special snowmen. We took pretty photos with delicate make-up at the sacrifice of a long sleep in this chilly day. The low temperate is not the excuse of staying indoors anymore. This gift of nature unites the people and enlivens the world, as there is always an innocent child in our heart.


Rewritten by Zheng Xiaoxia, Edited by Zheng Lingling Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia


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