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Author:Sui Tang  Date:2019-03-18  Clicks:

Chinese people have long recognized the convenience presented by the various functions available on their mobile phones. The proliferation of mini programs embedded in “WeChat” is undoubtedly the most popular feature of this trend.

In line with this development, a mini program called ‘In WHU’ is now available on WeChat. This program has been designed to offer students online access to a multitude of campus services. Until now, ‘In WHU’ has attracted more than 17,600 users. With approximately 5,200 users, freshmen make up the largest user group.



The “Tools” section of “In WHU” 

Four tabs at the bottom of the menu page represent four separate sections: Schedule, News, Tools and Me. In the ‘Schedule’ section, you can check what, when and where your classes take place once you are logged in. Course information can be imported both manually and automatically.

The “’News’ section is used for posting notices from the university administration and organizations and for messages from users. Thanks to the large user group, it has become a palatable platform for information sharing and dissemination of student activities.

Services provided in the ‘Tools’ section are even more diverse, including a general classification of ‘Study’, ‘Accommodation’ and ‘Entertainment’. Search functions are available for library seat reservation and book collections. Individual academic scores and rankings can be checked as well. As for accommodation services, you can place a repair order, refer to the campus address book, post and receive lost and found ( L & F ) messages, and pay for wifi etc. ‘YueBan’, a distinct and unique service, is likely to help you find a companion with the same interests. Whenever you choose an activity you want to do on a specific day, someone who has selected the exact same plan will be able to reach you. ‘YueBan’ is definitely an open door to those who need companions and new friends.

Access to the ‘Me’ page is possible by signing in with your student number and password. Afterwards, you can enjoy all the services. Options include personal identity authentication, color change for your own user interface and so on.

Guo Muhan, a student from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, has been using this program for half a year. “It is truly a gift for WHUers. It’s marvelous to check my timetable on WeChat without going through so many pages.” She is particularly impressed by its user-friendly design. She also extended her gratitude and admiration to the programmers. “It's conceivable that the purpose of this program is to benefit every student on this campus. They've done a great job that few others could achieve.”

In fact, it is a group of innovative and passionate WHU students who invented this widely welcomed WeChat mini program. Together with his team, Liu Wuchen utilised his talent and skills in the field of internet to realize his dream and, at the same time, improve campus life. “Doing my part for society has always been personally rewarding, and it's more pleasant to achieve it through my talent”, Liu said.


Photo by Sui Tang

Edited by Jiang Chiheng, Li Yushan, Shi Weiya and Hu Sijia





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